AN UPDATE // NZ Blog Collective

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This is a short wee update post and one I am so excited about... I have joined the NZ Blog Collective, an excellent website to connect and find other like minded NZ bloggers! I was so happy to have come across this site as there are obviously so many blogs out there in the internet world, as well as many blogging community groups but none that I could find that was purely NZ, until I stumbled upon this one.

I have joined the list in amongst many other blogs ranging from beauty, lifestyle, travel, cooking, art and many other categories. You can find the comprehensive list here and find little ol' cassandramyee  under the Beauty section.

If you are a blogger from NZ, you can join the list for free and the team is so nice, efficient and super on to it! It is something I am so pleased to be a part of!

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