MAYBELLINE // Color Whisper Lipstick in Petal Rebel + Oh La Lilac

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I am no stranger to the Color Whisper line of lipsticks from Maybelline; Lust For Blush (which I have a review on, here) is a lip colour I reach for on the daily, so it is no surprise that I brought another couple. And I obviously have to share their greatness on Cassandra Myee today!

This time I opted for two shades, one a light baby pink and the other a light purple, both colours I love wearing on the lips.

If you are wanting a fully pigmented and opaque lipstick, these are definitely not for you. As the name suggest it is a 'whisper of colour' and I liken them to a lipstick/balm hybrid. They are moisturising, non-fussy, easy to wear, that gives a tint of colour to the lips. This shade is a very light baby pink and it does almost go undetectable on the lips, but just helps to even out the colour on the lips and add a nice sheen that is not too glossy.

This shade packs a bit more punch in the colour pigment department. Although still a very light, lilac shade, the colour is still noticeable on the lips. I would say it is a good start if you want to get into more of a purple lip - I would suggest this would be a good place to start and then build up from there to something more opaque.

The Color Whispers are a handbag staple, they are so easy to throw on, give some colour to the lips whilst also leaving them nourished. They are great as well, as there is no need for a mirror, you can swipe it on and be on with your day. Now I am on a bit of a Color Whisper buzz, all of the other shades are just calling my name... this could be dangerous territory!

They retail for around $15 here in NZ, but Famers often have some offer or deal going on, so I suggest keeping an eye out on their mailer.

Do you love the Color Whispers as much as me? What is your must have shade from the lot?

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  1. Oh wow they're both such stunning shades - especially the lilac. I only own one of the Color Whispers as they're not available here in the UK :( but I adore the one I have and would love more xx

    Gemma //

    1. Yes, I love the lilac shade too! You definitely need to find a way to ship some more of these to you - they are so great!

      And thanks for your comment, your blog is gorgeous!!

  2. Considering my blog name, you can probably guess I'd go for Petal Rebel ;) Such beautiful colours! x

    LOVELY ROSE PETAL BLOG | Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  3. That lilac color is amazing! I'll have to pick this up ASAP!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix