VIOLET BOX | May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

Friday, 30 May 2014

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - cassandramyee

I got very excited when this little box arrived on my doorstep, the April Violet Box (unboxing here + end of month review here) was extremely impressive and had a total value of about $146! VB is a new subscription box service that has finally hit the shores of NZ, after being successful in Australia. Each month the box costs $29.95 and that is including postage; there seems to be a great mix of full sized products as well as sample sized products. I am a huge fan of these subscription style boxes as I love a bit of mystery and excitement each month and it is a great way to discover and try from brands you may not necessarily buy.

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - cassandramyee

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - cassandramyee
The May box came with 6 products, 4 of which are full sized products. The boxes come well packaged in a sturdy black box with lavender ribbon and tissue paper.

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - cassandramyee

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - Calvin Klein One Gloss Eyecolour in LOUD - cassandramyee

PRODUCT 001. CK (Calvin Klein) One Gloss Eyecolor in 610 Loud // [RRP $26.50 (170g)]
Last month, they gave us a sneak peek so I knew this CK product was coming. These sound extremely bizarre, they are an eye gloss - confused yet? Initially I thought that it just looked like a lip crayon but alas it is for your lips. It is described as having a soft sheen, transparent colour and it promises to be 'infinitely blendable and multi-tasking'. Now this is going to take a little bit to get used to using and I am not quite sure on the colour and how I can make it work, but I will be giving it a go! The colour is a orangey red, but there are others in blue, green, yellow and white - I kind of wish I had got one of the other colours; the blue would have been a fun one to use!

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - Argania Hair Oil - cassandramyee

PRODUCT 002. Argania Hair Oil // [Full Size RRP $37.00 (100ml)]
This little bottle of Argania Oil could not have come at a better time, as I just finished my other 5ml size that I had received in a Sample Bar box. It is made with Moroccan Argan oil and is formulated with vitamins and antioxidants. I use this after the shower when my hair is damp and just take the tiniest amount and run it through the ends. It helps to keep them nourished and prevents split ends.

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - Lash Control Clear Mascara and Brow Set - cassandramyee

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - Lash Control Clear Mascara and Brow Set - cassandramyee

PRODUCT 003. Lash Control Clear Coat Mascara + Brow Fix // [RRP $26.00 (8.87ml)]
This is another full sized product, in the form of a clear mascara/brow fix. This can be used as a mascara to seal the pigment of any black mascara, or used as a brow gel to set down the hairs. The interesting part of this is the squeezy middle which is there to help eliminate any excess build up of product so you get no clumping. I don't really see the point of clear mascara by itself, but I'd be interested to see how this looks over top of black mascara and I think it will make a great brow setting gel.

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - Natural Nail Therapy Cuticle & Nail Complex - cassandramyee

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - Natural Nail Therapy Cuticle & Nail Complex - cassandramyee

PRODUCT 004. Nutri Synergy Natural NS-5 Cuticle + Nail Complex // [RRP $10.00 (15g)]
Full sized products galore in this box! This is cuticle and nail cream, designed for damaged cuticles, nails and split fingers. It is packed with natural ingredients and it promises to absorb quickly into the skin and helps to strengthen the nails and restore elasticity. I am all for keeping my nails in good conditions, especially as I paint them pretty much all the time, and that can be quite damaging to the nail and surround nail bed.

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - Timeless Truth Stem Cell Extract Mask - cassandramyee

PRODUCT 005. Timeless Truth Q10 Stem Cell Extract Mask // [RRP $6.00 (30ml) - One Mask]
These sheet masks have got to be the scariest things out there, but they seem to do the job really well! This is from a brand I had never heard of and is the Stem Cell Extract Mask, aimed at working at a cellular level to reduce skin damage and restore and maintain the skin's vital condition. That all sounds very good to me, so I am excited to give myself a pamper with this one use mask.

VIOLET BOX // May '14 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts - Adorn Eyeshadow in Golden Quartz - cassandramyee

PRODUCT 006. Adorn Cosmetics Eye Create Intensive Shadow In Golden Quartz // [Full Size RRP $15.00 (1g) - Samples AUD $2.50]
The final product is a cute little sample pot from Adorn Cosmetics - an Australian brand, but they ship internationally. I went onto the website to look up the price and found you can actually order these sample pots for only AUD $2.50 and they very generous for that little amount you have to pay. Being a loose pigment it can be a little messy, but the colour pay off is often amazing. I got the shade Golden Quartz and I couldn't be more happier with it and look forward to using it. These are all natural, non-toxic and organic.

Violet Box has done it again, with another jam packed box of goodies that I can't wait to try out. Doing a bit of maths, the overall box and the products received equates to around $77 - not as good a deal as last months, but still more than double the amount I actually paid and you can't complain about that!

Did you receive the May Violet Box? What product are you most excited to use?


  1. Violet Box looks really good - i've just looked over your post for this and last months, it looks really decent!
    Do you subscribe to many of the boxes / which ones have you now unsubscribed from, and why?

    1. Hey Laura, yeah I think VB is amazing value for money. I used to get Sample Bar, but that closed down, so was considering getting Goodie Box (which is the same amount each month) but then heard about this Australian one being launched in NZ and it sounded pretty good. I haven't tried any others, so can't really compare it. Hope that answers your questions :)

  2. It seems like a really good deal and the products look so nice!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe



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