MOST LOVED | August '13

The end of month Most Loved rolls around yet again - a few less products then last month as I haven't really changed my mascara, concealer etc (if you want to see last months, click here), but I have found a few new additions which have changed my life - as much as beauty products and hair brushes possibly can! So here they are...


It's no secret that I love Instagram (along with millions of others!) so these are the snaps I took over the month of August! If you want, you can follow me here.

001. A Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meal dinner // 002. At home, cafe style lunch - BLT sandwich // 003. ASOS goodies and assorted makeup

BAKE | Maltesers Cupcakes + Chocolate Buttercream

I just can't go past a good cupcake and love making them with all different flavour combinations and toppings. These Maltesers Cupcakes have a vanilla cake base, with crushed Maltesers folded through it, then topped with a chocolate buttercream.

SLEEK MAKEUP | i-DIVINE Snapshots Eyeshadow Palette - Review + Swatches

This bright and bold eye shadow palette from Sleek is the first product I have tried from the brand and boy, has it impressed! Sleek Makeup is a UK based brand and you can buy off the website and they ship worldwide for very little postage, around $5 depending on the weight of the parcel. I was lucky to pick this up in a bulk lot of new make up I brought off Trade Me, but since using this I have ordered a few more things off the website, so expect some reviews when they arrive.

They have an amazing selection of eye shadow palettes; there are 13 different ones from the i-Divine range and they are prices at USD $9.99 - talk about amazing value for money! The one I received is called Snapshots 732.

NAIL ART | Cheap Tools from eBay

After watching countless nail art tutorials and pinning far too many amazing nail creations (see my Pinterest board here), I've decided that I want to dabble in a bit of nail art! I found these super cheap dotting tools and stripping tools on eBay, which should help me as I delve into the nail art world. The shipping for both was super quick - about a week.

NOTD | Orly Rage + OPI When Monkeys Fly!

Both of these nail polishes are new to my collection, so I thought why not pair them together! Orly 'Rage' is an amazing rose gold polish, that is really shimmery and the formula is great. One coat and it looked really good - 2 coats, it looked even bettter!

HAUL | Beauty + Books

When I went up to Wellington (see post here) of course a bit of shopping was in order, here are a few things I picked up!

TRAVEL | A Few Days In Wellington

I recently went up to Wellington (in New Zealand) for a couple of days to go to Te Papa museum to see the Warhol Immortal and Colour & Light Impressionists exhibitions. I love Wellington and lived there for 3 years when I was at Uni, now living back in Christchurch I love popping up there as the city is so great. I just couldn't miss the Warhol exhibition and luckily for me the Impressionists show was happening at the same time in a small cross over window. As an art lover and art history student this was really exciting for me to see some of the works and artists that I've studied. I've chosen a few pics to sum up my trip!

TAKE A PEEK | My Travel Makeup Bag #001

Last Sunday I had a quick trip up to Wellington for a couple of days (blog post coming soon!) and decided to document what makeup I took with me. And it's also a good indication of what my everyday makeup consists of. Obviously it is hard to whittle down the products to take - specifically in the blush and eye department - but I had to pick some of my favourites at the moment to take with me.

My silver makeup bag was an absolute bargain - on sale for $5 from Cotton On (brought last year).

L'OREAL | Colour Riche Balm - Review + Swatches

Yes, of course, L'Oreal had to bring out their own range of lip balms to join the balm party. I have seen many reviews about these being compared to the Revlon Lip Butters but to be honest I don't think they can be easily compared and are in a sense completely different! 

REAL TECHNIQUES | Limited Edition Duo-Fiber Collection Review

When I saw these Limited Edition Real Techniques brushes I knew that I had to give them a ago. After being so impressed with the Core collection and blush brush (which have become a staple in my everyday makeup routine!), I was happy to add these sleek looking white handle brushes to my collection.

NOTD | ESSIE Mint Candy Apple + Glitter Fade

For today's nails, I felt like adding a bit of sparkle and glitter so opted for a base in the gorgeous Essie nail polish 'Mint Candy Apple' - it has instantly become one of my favourite colours! Took 2 thin coats to get a perfect opaque colour. I paired it with a super cheap $2 polish from Kmart, it's called BC and has really fine silver glitter and the formula is surprisingly good for the price! I just dabbed the glitter polish near the base of the nail and lightly dragged it upward to create a fade/ombre effect. And of course, topped off with Seche Vite! Honestly super easy but gives the nails a lil' something extra.

SAMPLE BAR GLAM PACK | August Unboxing + Thoughts

A new month, a new glam pack! I have been waiting for this since the calender ticked over to the 1st, but only received it yesterday. Obviously they are running a wee bit behind, but not that I care because this Glam Pack looks like a goodie!! Straight off the bat, you get 6 products (well technically 7 due to the Shampoo/Conditioner), a bonus from the usual 5! The theme of this months is 'Put Your Best Face Forward'. Now into each item...


I was hoping to get a few more posts up this week, but typical uni got on top of me with all my assignments due at once.But I'm on holidays now, yay! I brought this brushes on the amazing site Beauty Bay. It is such a good website and has free shipping on New Zealand, they have heaps of great brand like Urban Decay and Stila.


WISHLIST // ASOS AUGUST '13 - CassandraMyee
I love reading and being nosy at what other people have been coveting on the wonderful site that is ASOS. As there is SO much variety and they are endlessly adding new items (much to my bank account's dismay), seeing picks from other people let's you view things you may otherwise have missed... so here are just a few of my picks for August. Click for links straight to ASOS website if you want to check them out for yourselves!

NOTD | OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam!

Today's nail polish is a brand new one I got yesterday at a big importers make up and fragrance clearance sale in Christchurch (but also travelling the whole of New Zealand). There were some good deals and I did end up having a wee spend (so much for no more buying as mentioned in the last post...). I got this OPI from the Holland Collection, Stranger Tides from the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Skyfall Mini Set, amongst other nail/make up/hair/skin products which I'm sure will be cropping up on my blog soon!

COLLECTIVE HAUL | Shopping the Sales + eBay

I just can't resist a good deal and good sales, so yesterday when I went to the mall I ended up coming home with a few bags of goodies, all were great bargains! And today I received a couple of parcels from eBay and Topshop which I thought I'd add at the end as a collective haul, with links as well incase you'd like to check them out yourself!

LOOK BEAUTY UK | Haul - Review + Swatches

It was by chance that I was made aware of this website, I had brought off MUA before and they must have shared email lists (they have identical websites too), so a couple of weeks ago when I got an email saying everything was 1/2 price and free shipping internationally for a limited time... I had to give it a go! The prices are crazy cheap, like a few pounds for the foundation etc. After looking through everything I had to narrow it down and these are the products I picked up from Look Beauty.


Today's nail colour is another from Revlon's Top Speed range in the shade Cloud 710. I tend to always come back to this colour when I can't decide out of my many other nail polishes! It's a cross between a light blue and purple and looks gorgeous on the nails. This is 2 coats and t…


I can't resist an ASOS sale and this one was too good to pass up a couple of weeks ago. 30% off all beauty... well I had to buy some things. I had been eyeing up the Kate Moss lippies for a while so I couldn't pass up on grabbing them!

MOST LOVED | July '13

So the end of another month of 2013... I know that everyone says it but I can't believe it's August... utter craziness! But that means a wee round up of some things I have loved over the past month of July, mostly beauty but a few randoms at the end.

SAMPLE BAR GLAM PACK | July End of Month Review

So it has come to the end of July and it's time for my thoughts after using the products from my Sample Bar Glam Pack! See my post here with my unboxing and initial thoughts. Let's get into it!
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