REAL TECHNIQUES | Limited Edition Duo-Fiber Collection Review

When I saw these Limited Edition Real Techniques brushes I knew that I had to give them a ago. After being so impressed with the Core collection and blush brush (which have become a staple in my everyday makeup routine!), I was happy to add these sleek looking white handle brushes to my collection.

These brushes are duo-fiber meaning they have dense black bristles at the base of the brush with white bristles that are not so tightly packed and give the tips fewer bristles. This pack comes with 3 brushes; face brush, contour brush and eye brush. I was impressed with 2 out of the 3 but will give a full run down below. 

Due to the nature of the duo-fiber bristles, application of product is much lighter. I have used this with blush and bronzer and found them to work well if you want a light coverage. It also saves you from packing on too much of the product, especially if they are heavily pigmented. The light application isn't a bad thing and makes it easy to build up to desire colour/coverage. I wouldn't use this for foundation unless you really wanted a light application, much prefer to use the buffing brush.

This one has proved to perfect for contouring (unlike the Contour brush from the Core Collection, which I use for concealer - it works amazing!). Compared to the Core Collection contour brush which is circular and goes up to a pointed dome, the duo-fiber one is flatter and tapered slightly towards the tip. Similar to the Face Brush, it is perfect for buildable bronzing/contouring. This one has been the most used out of the 3.

For me, unfortunately this is the most disappointing brush out of the 3. I find the bristles to be really coarse and they aren't soft enough to brush back and forth on the eye and when trying to pack colour into a specific spot the end is spikey and it feels like I'm pricking my eye - not a nice feeling! Although it did pick up a good amount of product, just wasn't so nice for applying it and blending. I was so surprised, because the other brushes from Real Techniques are so soft and work well.

So all up, 2 out of 3 of the brushes I like, and 1 that, really, I don't think I will be getting much use out of! They are great for light application, if that is what you are after for a more natural look. I think if you were just starting out with Real Techniques brushes, I'd advise buying the Travel Collection or Core Collection as they will not disappoint!  
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