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I love reading and being nosy at what other people have been coveting on the wonderful site that is ASOS. As there is SO much variety and they are endlessly adding new items (much to my bank account's dismay), seeing picks from other people let's you view things you may otherwise have missed... so here are just a few of my picks for August. Click for links straight to ASOS website if you want to check them out for yourselves!
001. ASOS PENCIL SKIRT in Animal Print NZD $42.67
Adore this print and the colour!

002. OASIS OVERSIZED SALT AND PEPPER TEE with Leather Look Shoulder Detail NZD $46.93
Easy to wear with the leather detail - right up my alley!

003. ASOS BLOUSE WITH V-NECK in Mono Colourblock NZD $68.27
This would be so great to dress up or down and good for the spring months which hopefully be on their way soon.

004. ASOS CURVE EXCLUSIVE PEPLUM TOP with Cold Shoulder NZD $23.47 (down from $46.93)
Peplum + a cold shoulder = covering all fashion bases at once.

005. ASOS CURVE CARDIGAN in Fluffy Dip Dye NZD $44.80 (down from $89.60)
Does this need more description? Ombre, oversized and fluffy - perfection!

006. ASOS CURVE SWING DRESS with Cold Shoulder NZD $48.00 (down from $96.00)
Need this dress right now - super easy to wear, add some great wedges or heels and a necklace, outfit sorted.

007. ASOS TOP with Cross Front NZD $ 17.07 (down from $38.40)
An interesting take on a basic grey top.

008. ASOS PENCIL SKIRT in Floral Wallpaper Print NZD $19.20 (down from $38.40)
Love the midi style and this print is gorgeous.

009. ASOS QUILT ACROSS BODY BAG with Rabbit Ears NZD $38.40
Talk about cute! And love the deep green colour.

I have 3 different sets of these and I adore them, easy to put on and just look amazing on the nails.

011. BOURJOIS LIMITED EDITION VINTAGE BLUSHER in Rose d'Or NZD $11.73 (down from $17.96)
Love the look of this take on one of their older products and such a gorgeous colour also.

012. BOURJOIS BRONZING PRIMER in Mat Delice NZD $14.93 (down from $21.31)
This is apparently a good dupe for Soleil Tan de Chanel and after reading essiebutton's review I need this in my life. Like right now.

If only I could just buy it all... but there are 2 things which have crept into my 'bag', the Bourjois Bronzing Primer and the Swing dress with the cold shoulder - I love this look and this dress is totally my style. Haven't quite clicked the checkout yet... must. resist!

Let me know what's on your ASOS wishlist, I'd love to see!
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