ASOS | Sale Clothing Haul

Last week I indulged in a spot of ASOS shopping... it didn't help that I got an email to remind me that there was an up to 70% off sale, plus you could get it a bonus 10% your order. Let's just say I really didn't need the convincing! I ended up with over $500+ worth of clothing/accessories in my basket (I wish!), which slowly got whittled down to a more respectable $45, plus I saved $5. These 3 items arrived today (in a week!) and I'm super happy with them. All 3 are still in stock - so if you like any I'd grab it before they sell out!
001. ASOS Vest in Cut and Sew with Open Twist Back in Grey // NZD $23.47
I liked the detail on the back of this and adds something different to just a plain grey singlet. The material feels really nice and has a mix of black/grey/white through it.

002. ASOS Pencil Skirt in Graphic Print in Mono // NZD $17.07
This takes a boring old pencil skirt to the next level, the print is abstract and geometric which I love and it being black and white means a lot of different coloured tops/shoes etc will go with it. The material was a bit thinner then I would have hoped, but it fits true to size.

003. ASOS Tie Dye Studded Scarf // NZD $9.60
I think this has to be my favourite thing I got, so much so that the parcel arrived this morning and I walked out with it on to go to uni 5 minutes later! It's lightweight and is great colours for the spring months. The little 'studs' are more like faceted silver plastic that are just stuck on, but it gives an interesting effect.

ASOS has got to be one of my favourite places to shop - great range, great prices and free shipping, it ticks all my boxes! If you have recently brought anything from ASOS leave the link, I'd love to check it out.
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