BH COSMETICS | San Francisco Eyeshadow + Blush Palette - Review + Swatches

This is one amazing little palette from BH Cosmetics. Straight off the bat, I think the packaging is so creative, with the eyeshadows on the first two opening flaps and the blush palette under the flap that contains a mirror. This is one of three in a series; the other two are called Hollywood and Malibu. I luckily nabbed the San Francisco one from NZ Sale for $15, although it did take me a while to decide between the three. I was drawn to this one for the more neutral tones, with a good mix of dark browns and greens, to lighter pastels. The colour selection is amazing and the pigmentation is incredible, but I will say the shadows and blush are a little 'dusty' and when using a brush there can be slight fall down, but if you are careful and have a lighter hand, this helps to diminish this.

Now for the swatches - the colours don't have any names, so have tried to make them so they correspond with the right colour.

The blush colours drew me into the palette immediately, there is such a good selection - a champagne/white, great for highlighting, a dusty pink, a mauve brown and a hot pink. The pigmentation is amazing, and it's even better when using a brush. I had to have a very light hand and I didn't have to push the brush in much to pick up a ton of colour. They blend well also, in case of over application.

Left Flap
Right Flap
The left-hand flap of the eyeshadows is darker, with more jewel toned colours, while the right side has lighter, pastel colours. Like the blushes the colour pigmentation is great and they blend well. There is a good mix of matte colours as well as some with a slight satin/shimmer finish. You could create so many different eye looks with this, making it perfect for travelling, or even if you are starting out with makeup.

The overall palette has impressed me so much - it has a great colour selection of both blush and eyeshadows making it the perfect travel companion and could easily slip into any handbag or makeup bag. Keep an eye out on NZ Sale, those of you from NZ, or if you're in the US you can buy straight from the website for USD $11.50. Now I just need the other two in my life...

Have you tried BH Cosmetics products? What are your thoughts on this palette?
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