KLEANCOLOR | Nail Polish Haul + Swatches

Kleancolor nail polishes aren't a brand that can be found much in NZ, you can buy off eBay (but shipping can be ridiculous sometimes!) or sometimes at the $2 shops, but now Postie stocks them! They don't have the best selection, but it depends on what one you go to and you can hit the jackpot like I did the other day!

Postie were having buy 3 items and then get 30%, obviously I had to go and scope out what they had, as I often go there for super cheap makeup, especially Revlon stuff that they parallel import. These were originally $5 each, but with 30% I got each one for $3.50 - total bargain!

The nail polishes can sometimes be really good, or not so good at all, but these ones I am super happy with. The formula isn't too thick like some of them tend to be and the glitter pay off was really good. For $3.50, you really can't go wrong and these colours are very unique and original.

001. 36 Sparkle Purple
I thought that this might have had a purple base, but it is just a lot of small bits of purple glitter in a clear base. It took a couple of coats to layer it on. This would like great over a light purple or a darker one to give the colour a bit of depth.

002. 234 Chunky Holo Purple
I have had my eye on this for a while and so happy I found it! It has an amazing iridescent quality to it, with purple, pink and blue glitter embedded in a light purple polish. This would look amazing over a purple or pink polish and even better over black.

003. 292 Decades of Bond
This was one I found on the Kleancolor website and I saw it and thought I'll never find this, but lo and behold Postie had it! It is a black and white matte glitter, with a variety of shapes, including bars and small and large hexagonal pieces. I would put this over a grey or a nude, but honestly it would look great over any colour!

004. 299 Love Madness
This is one of their 3D textured effects polish and it does give a textured look with really chunky odd shaped pieces of holographic glitter all within a clear base. It has a mixture of pink, blue and yellow in it, and would look nice over top of any of those colours. A grey or black would definitely make the glitter effect stand out as well.

I am in love with these 4 polishes, now it's just a matter of deciding what to put on my nails next! I love that they can go over any colours to totally transform your nail look!
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