MOST LOVED | September '13

It's that time again... monthly Most Loved! September was full of study, study and more study (along with Candy Crush breaks), and October brings with it even more study, as exams begin mid October. My makeup routine has been pretty same old each day, so a smaller amount of loved products this month.


001. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion + The Body Shop Blemish Fade Night Lotion
You may have read my haul post, where I practically brought the whole Tea Tree range, well it has lived up to the expectations! Changing to the Tea Tree range has made a huge difference to my skin, I have noticed less breakout, especially on my chin and for the few that I have, they clear up much quicker then previously. I love the Skin Clearing Lotion for the day, as it is light, mattifies the skin, whilst also being moisturising and sinks into the skin so fast.

The stand out product for me has been the Blemish Fade Night Lotion. Again it is light, but a bit thicker then the day cream, and in the morning my skin feels much smoother and it helps to treat acne so it's not so 'angry'. I'd recommend this to anyone who has oily skin, or is breakout prone - it has worked wonders for me!

002. Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara in Glam Black
I found this in my makeup draw and have rekindled my love for it. It used to be my favourite for a while, but with mascaras I find they are so easy to change up in your makeup routine, I rarely stick to just one. Although the brush is looking a little clumpy at the moment (I am on the last dregs) this gives such good volume and thickens the lashes with minimal clumping.

003. BYS Blusher in Pretty In Pink
I tired this out for the first time this month and have been grabbing it quite a bit during September. It's a nice baby pink, that looks natural on the cheeks and isn't packed with glitter, which I like for everyday. The pigmentation is good, considering the price is around $5. I got mine at Kmart here in NZ but I think you can find it worldwide.

004. BYS Brow & Eye Pencil in Blonde
Another BYS product, again this was super cheap, around $6 if I remember correctly. It is a brow pencil that has an angled tip making it so easy to fill in the brows. I've only really been brow filling this past month and this product has really helped me in doing so. I think they have 3 other colours, darker than this which is in the colour blonde, which I still find to be quite dark, but still works.
It is heavily pigmented so you only need light strokes of it, the tip is great as can create thick or thin lines.

005. Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in Light
I am in love with this kit, simple as that! I have a full review of it here and it has been my go to bronzer for this month. It's the perfect colour, it blends well and looks relatively natural and is nice and compact.


006. Candy Crush
Technically this has been a favourite of mine for the few months and probably need to join a CC Anonymous group - but I find this month in between study, this has been a real distraction. I up at level 290, which is bit bonkers to me and have been stuck there for a few days now. Despite that, the developers of this game surely know how to get you hooked to it. If you have never played it - don't (but seriously.. play it, it's great fun... but don't....)

007. Drake Nothing Was The Same [Deluxe Edition]
Drake's new album dropped a week or so ago (I can't remember) but since I got it it has been on repeat. Highlight's are Hold On, We're Going Home, Too Much and The Language.

008. Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days [Deluxe Edition]
Earlier in the month, on repeat was the second part of Ellie's album Halcyon, which included 12 new tracks. I love, love, loved Halcyon so was so happy to hear that she was releasing a few more song. My picks are You My Everything, Under Control and Midas Touch (a cover) - it's hard to chose because all of the songs are amazing.

009. ClarityCraft - Zedd vs. Pendulum (Feat. B.o.B)
This song is all kinds of awesome, if you are a Pendulum fan, or like dubstep/electronica then this mash up is well worth a listen. I adore the song Clarity and I am so surprised how well all the songs work together.

010. Escape (Faraway Skies Remix) - 3LAU, Paris & Simo (Feat. Bright Lights)
For the more drum and bass inclined, this song is on another level. It has an upbeat tempo but something about makes it so chilled out - well for me anyway. I love this kind of music and obviously it is not for everyone, but give it a go.

My diverse music taste aside, I am looking forward to October, as I will be seeing Wicked the Musical and Rihanna LIVE! I am very excited and will be a nice break before the craziness of exams set in.

If you have done a favourite's post, link it below, I'd love to read them!
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