MYSTERY MAKEUP BAG | 10 Products for $20

Last week Grabone (a deal website here in NZ) had this deal - a mystery bag of 10 makeup products for $20. Working out at $2 an item, this was too good to pass up, plus I loved the idea of just getting a whole bunch of items. They all came from the online site Snatch-a-Deal, which has heaps of discounted product especially makeup. Obviously not everyone's cup of tea to not be able to pick colours or the items, but there were a variety of brands like Rimmel, Covergirl, L'Oreal, Sally Hansen among many others and the items ranged from eyeshadows, mascaras to lip liners and nail polish. It really was a mixed bag of everything!

It was pretty exciting when it arrived and sussing out what I had actually received. Some of the items aren't really for me - not colours I would go for - but a few of the products look really nice. For $20 it was good for a bit of fun and if the deal came up again I would definitely grab it!

I have swatched everything I received and also tired to find their prices on the website to see how much I saved.

001. L'Oreal HIP Color Presso Lip Gloss in Classy // NZD $7.95 (original RRP $24.95)
At first I had no idea what this actually was, as nowhere on the package does it say it was a lip gloss! I think the idea would be to blend the two together to create a custom colour but I would probably use them separately as they are individual tubes. The light pink is a sheer gloss with slight shimmer and the darker pink it highly pigmented rich colour and is smooth and not sticky at all.

002. Maybelline Eye Express Cream Shadow Stick in Lovely Lilac // $4.95 (original RRP $19.95)
I was really excited about this product, as lilac is not a colour I would normally go for but this would be so nice during the day, especially for Spring/Summer. It is a cream shadow but a wee bit hard, but once you warm it up a bit on the skin it glides on well. It's a light lilac purple with shimmer through it and is buildable.

003. Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Shine Lip Gloss  in Sweet Nectar // $3.95 (original RRP $35.95)
Now I am not a lip gloss person (and got a few with the mystery pack) but I am opening myself up to them. This is kind of muted pink and almost gives that 'your lips but better' look and is quite sheer on first coat but can be built up.

004. Covergirl WetSlicks AmazeMint in Merry Berry // $1.00 (original RRP $19.95)
Another lip gloss, but I was glad it was in another pink shade (more shades I like to wear). This smells so strongly of mint, it's not even funny! This is due to the fact is has Crest peppermint oil in to give you a minty freshness and it claims to give you a brighter smile - the verdict it out on whether or not this actually works in that sense but the formula is nice and light, not to think and a nice berry pink colour. There are heaps of other colours from this line as well.

005. NYC Automatic Lip Liner Pencil in Naughty Nude // $3.95 (original RRP $19.95)
I have never used a lipliner before and I'm not to sure how keen I am on this particular colour either, it would probably work great with the Revlon Lipstick below, which I doubt I will ever wear, a bit dark for me!

006. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Chocolate // $6.95 (original RRP $34.95)
I have a few lipsticks from this range and I love the formula, it is really creamy and they have great pigmentation. I was pretty dissappointed with the colour as I don't think I will ever wear it, may have to give it away to someone (along with the above lipliner) - a shame really, if only it was in a lighter shade I would be all over it!

007. Covergirl Continuous Color Lipstick in Rosy Wine // $4.95 (original RRP $24.95)
The packaging was a little when I received this but was happy with the colour and is something that I would wear. It's a pink/purple shade with slight shimmer through it and a satin finish as it isn't very glossy. It feels smooth and not drying. There seems to be a lot of other colours in this range available on the website, some really nice pinks - and for only $4.95, this could be dangerous...

008. Rimmel Colour Rush Trio Eye Shadow in Dark Angel // $4.95 (original RRP $19.95)
Rimmel eyeshadows really impress me and I have a few single shadows as well as some trios and quads, so was super happy that this was included in my mystery bag. It would make for a really nice purple smokey eye look and the colours are nicely pigmented and not powdery.

009. Covergirl Professional All-in-One Smudgeproof Mascara in Brown // $9.00 (original RRP $29.95)
Covergirl mascara's were some of the first makeup products I brought and I still think they are great. I prefer heavy black mascaras and have never actually tired a brown one. This brush seems really interesting and I could see how it it would work to really coat all lashes. The only downside was that it seemed quite dry and have a feeling it could be quite old stock, so we shall see how it goes.

010. NYC in a New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in Chelsea // $3.95 (original RRP $19.95)
Lastly one of the items I was really excited to get was a nail polish! As you may or may not know I am nail polished obsessed with an ever growing collection (well over 100.. eek!) and this is a colour that I don't have any really similar too. This was opaque in 2 coats and is a gorgeous raspberry pink/red colour with slight shimmer thought it. The brush was quite wide and made application so easy and it seemed to dry pretty fast -  I am super impressed and can't wait to use on my nails!

So to add up all the totals:

RRP price for all 10 items (according to Snatch-a-Deal) = $250.50 (!!)
Snatch-a-deal price for the 10 items = $51.60

I saved a total of $31.60 if I was to have brought everything from Snatch-a-Deal, pretty happy with that and it made the deal worth it. Although there are a few items that I may not get the use out of, but I know that I will be able to give them to someone who will. For a bit of fun, mystery and excitement I really liked this deal, so ladies keep your eyes pealed on those deal website!

If you have tried any of these products let me know in the comments if they are good/bad or whatever! I'd love to know!
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