SAMPLE BAR GLAM PACK | August End of Month Review

An exciting email arrived in my inbox telling me that my September Glam Pack was on its way with the courier from Sample Bar so time for my August End of Month review! I thoroughly enjoyed this months glam pack, with 2 full size products and other very generous sized samples. See my August unboxing and initial thoughts post here, now let's crack on with my overall thoughts!
PRODUCT 001. Obiqo Gentle Face Wash [RRP $29.50 (100ml)]
This was one of the full sized products and I used for about 2 weeks after I received it in my glam pack (but changed to my Body Shop tea tree foaming cleanser as I am trying out that range, there's a blog post for that one too!). Despite changing to another cleanser, I really enjoyed this. Initially the smell was quite off putting - it smells like men's aftershave - don't get me wrong, I like a bit of man scent but in my facial cleanser, I was a bit iffy about it. After a few uses you get used to it, but if you find things with strong scents quite offensive, this is not for you!

It is a gel like consistency, comes out clear but when you lather up on your face it foams up slightly and you can feel like it is giving you a good cleanse. My skin did seem overall better, but that could be down to a number of different factors, so can't pinpoint this exact products, but I did like it and it left my skin feeling clean and also smoother after using it.

PRODUCT 002. Nimue Rejuvenating Mask [RRP $91.00 (60ml)
I was super impressed with the size of this sample (considering the price for the full size!), it's in a cute little bottle with a pump so it makes getting the product out really easy. I had 2 face masks out of it so far and I think it will probably do another 2. It is aimed to boost tired and dehydrated skin - I don't think my skin is dehydrated at all - if anything it is far to hydrated, leaving me a little oily. 

The product has a thick clay/mud like consistency and takes a bit of product to get your whole face covered. It dries pretty quickly and makes the skin feel a little tight but nothing uncomfortable. I used this at night after cleansing and left it on for 10-15 minutes and then removed it with warm water and flannel. After use I did notice my skin felt moisturised and soft, so I didn't apply any night cream as I thought that would be to much for my skin. In the morning, my skin did feel soft but with no visible difference to my skin surface. This would be much better suited for dry skin and I feel like it didn't do a heck of a lot for me.

PRODUCT 003. Angel Professional Shampoo + Conditioner for Coloured Hair [RRP $23.50 (250ml)]
This duo of products was my favourite from the August selection, they made my hair feel so soft like I had just been at the hairdresser. It was smooth with no tangles and left my hair feeling so nice for the rest of the day! I would definitely consider buying the full size once I have used up the rest of the 2 samples, I was very impressed!

PRODUCT 004. I Love... Shimmer & Shine Lip Gloss in Vanilla & Ice Cream [RRP $9.95 (15ml)]
In my initial thoughts I was very unsure about this lip gloss - I never wear gloss mainly because I hate stickiness and don't like my lips to look overly shiny. This has none of that awful stickiness what so ever and it smells deliciously of vanilla. It goes on smooth and is a light formula that glides on well and doesn't leave the lips feeling dry. I may not be converted to the lip gloss world just yet, but I was really impressed with this one (and it's a full size product!)

PRODUCT 005. Le Tan Tanning Gel [RRP $22.99 (150ml)]
I haven't really deleved into the world of tanning products much and generally go for one night bronzing products that wash off the next day, or use a moisturiser (like the Dove Summer Glow) that builds up a gradual tan. But I am looking at jumping in the deep end and give faux tanning a real go. This product was a great first go. This smells AMAZING, super coconut-y and not at all fake tan-y. Once I had applied it I told my mum to tell me if she could smell anything unusual, as usually she hates the smell of fake tan and can pick it up a mile away, with the Le Tan she could smell nothing but coconut - I was very impressed!

The product is a browny/orange gel which went on smooth, but became clear once you rubbed it in, so was difficult to ensure you had rubbed it in everywhere. I exfoliated in the shower and then moisturised and applied it around 15 minutes after so the moisturiser had soaked in. I used a tanning mitt to apply it to my right leg and then used my hands for the left as I wanted to see how it would come out using the two modes. I would say the best way was using my hands, the product seemed to soak in to the mitt to much and it left me with a couple of odd patches. But with my hands it was smooth all over colour. It took around 4-5 for the colour to fully develop and went a really natural brown - nothing orangey, or blatantly fake and it lasted for around 4 days until it begun fading.

After using it once I feel much more confident to give it another a go now I understand how the product works and develops. If you are looking for a natural fake tan I would really recommend this and will be considering buying the full size!

PRODUCT 006. NAT. Restore Moisture Cream [RRP $55.00 (50g)]
A bonus extra in the Glam Pack, this product gave me 2 uses - just! The moisturiser is lightweight with a very pale yellow colour to it. I did find it to be incredibly moisturiser on first use - but would need to try it a couple more times to get a better idea.

Overall very happy with the August Glam Pack, with no products that disappointed me and a couple I would really consider repurchasing the full size. Let's see what September's will bring!
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