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If you read my blog you may know that I have a fond love for eBay, I could spend hours and hours searching all kinds of stuff on there. Subsequently I have found many a good bargain. Today was spent browsing the clutch bags and I decided to put together a little wishlist with some of the ones I found. I definitely don't need another clutch, but well, a girl can dream right? Links and prices will all be listed below.

001. Sequin Clutch Bag // USD $3.38 + Free Shipping
Every girl needs a bit of sequin in their wardrobe and how good is this for under $4! It is quite large, measuring 29 x 17 cm and comes in 3 different colours; black, gold and silver. Personally I would go for the gold, with the silver a close second. This is perfect for a night out, or rock it during the day with a plain t-shirt and jeans

002. Leopard Print Foldover Clutch // USD $17.00 + Free Shipping
Leopard print isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think this bag is so nice, I like that it is mostly black with the foldover flap being the leopard print. This bag is a really good size, 36.5 x 23 cm and also comes with a shoulder strap, making it really versatile.

003. Lime Neon Clutch with Black Details // USD $11.80 + Free Shipping
The reason I picked this because I love that laser cut look, but I can't tell if the black is just printed on or is another layer under the neon colour - either way it gives that effect. Neon can be a bit garish but as we are coming into Spring/Summer I think this bag is really fun and very eye catching! Again it is a good size - 34 x 20 cm and comes in a bunch of other neons; pink, yellow, orange and green and also a safer black and white option.

004. Laser Cut Cream Clutch with Neon Pink // USD $15.79 + Free Shipping
Now unlike the one above this is definitely cut out with the pop of neon pink under the cream exterior. This one comes with an adjustable strap and measures 32 x 23 cm. It's a little more subtle then the one above and would make a great bag during the day and the pink and cream compliment each other well.

005. Black Envelope Clutch with Stud Detail // USD $11.35 + Free Shipping
I may have a few black bags with gold studs and hardware already, but it is such a good combination and they just give that outfit a little bit of edge. I like this one for the envelope shape and the fact it has a long adjustable strap and also a wrist strap. It is the same size as most of the other bags, about 32 x 23 cm. For the price this one is an absolute steal and goes with basically anything.

006. Dark Grey Roll Up Clutch // USD $18.90 + Free Shipping
I love this roll-up, lunch bag style clutch and it is so simple and easy to grab and go with any outfit. This one is 36 x 23 cm and comes in 6 other colours, like black, mustard yellow and pink.

007. Baby Blue Large Clutch // USD $39.15 + Free Shipping
This one is a little more expensive then the others but I couldn't resist the colour and the simple but chic design. It comes with a gold chain metal strap and is really big - 38 x 26 cm. Perfect for carrying an iPad and notebooks etc. It also has 6 colour options, all really nice basic colours, that would compliment any outfit.

008. Floral Envelope Clutch // AUD $29.99 + AUD $14.99 Shipping
An envelope clutch is pretty classic, but this floral print takes it to another level. This would look great with quite a simple outfit and it comes with a black chain strap, so can be a shoulder bag as well as a clutch. This is 29 x 23 cm and comes with the black background, or a white background.

Now my last clutch is one that I didn't include above because it is no longer in stock - I wanted to cry. I saw this on the amazingly stylish Kavita from SheWearsFashion and I instantly wanted it in my life, but only to find that it was all sold out. I can see why, because this clutch is honestly amazing and I love the play on words, it really is the ultimate statement bag and I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE it! If you want to go and droll over it you can find it on eBay - USD $47.59 + Free Shipping. I will be checking constantly to find this and I will buy it. [I just had a thought... maybe I could DIY this.. hmm I will be investigating that one]

I hope you liked this wee selection of clutches, let me know your favourites or if you have found some other on eBay that are worth a look.
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