Happy 31st of October everyone.. or Happy Halloween for those of you who like to celebrate it! It is of course time to round up my Instagram snaps from October and I am surprised at how many pics I took this month, so without further ado...

001. Louis is wondering where his dinner is // 002. My cute Scrabble coin purse from Typo

NOTD TAKE TWO | Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué in Sheer Blush + American Apparel Galaxy

In yesterday's post I talked all about using the Incoco strips - see it here - and I got bored of the plain colour very fast, plus they didn't really do a lot for my nails anyway. So to just give it an update, I decided to add the confetti glitter from American Apparel called Galaxy. I absolutely love this glitter, it is so fun and full of heaps of different colours and adds a polka dot looking effect on the nails.

NOTD | Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué in Sheer Blush

This past week I have been sorting out my makeup and nail polish storage situation as there has been a bit of an overflow happening (it's also great study procrastination!) and discovered a few things from old Sample Bar boxes that I needed to try out. Sample Bar is a monthly subscription box for $25 a month here in NZ and I found these Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué strips that I got in a box a few months ago so decided to give them a go as I have never heard or seen this brand or product before. According to Sample Bar these retail for $13.49, which is a little expensive for one off nail strips. Plus I've got to say, I got a pretty plain colour in Sheer Blush.

REVLON | Luxurious Color Perle Eye Shadows

I am a huge fan of these single eye shadows from Revlon and have talked about them a few times before on my blog (I love Nude Slip!), so when NZ Sale had a huge Revlon/Almay sale I picked up a few more. Not only are they great quality, I got each one for only $2 each - that is just craziness! These 3 are all 'Perle' finish so have quite a sparkle to them, they are really soft and pigmented and are great for the price.

MINI MANI #008 | KLEANCOLOR 'Be My Daydream' Sweet Romance Mini Collection

We have come to the very last post in my Mini Mani Series, and last but no least is the Kleancolor 'Be My Daydream' Sweet Romance mini set. You get 6 mini polishes, all in the Valentine theme and it is a nice mix of cream colours and glitters.

MINI MANI #007 | KLEANCOLOR 'What Girls Really Talk About' Glitter Mini Collection

Day #7 has rolled around for Mini Mani Week and I have another Kleancolour set to share. Similarly to yesterday's I purchased this from Postie for NZD $10.00 and again the name is a little bit cheesy, but I'll go with it because these glitter polishes are pretty great!

MINI MANI #006 | KLEANCOLOR 'Oh Yes, I Do' Bridal Essence Mini Collection

Day #6 and moving onto the Kleancolor Mini sets - the first one being the Bridal Essence collection. I have to say straight off the bat, the names for the Kleancolor sets are pretty cheesy, but they do come with some great colours! I've only really got into Kleancolor nail polishes this year as they are a little difficult to get in NZ and can be really overpriced. I usually get them from Postie, and this set was only $10.00, which I thought was good for 6 mini bottles of polish.

MINI MANI #005 | ORLY Mash Up Mini Collection for Spring

Happy day #5 of my Mini Mani series! Today's mini set 'Mash Up' is a fairly new one to my collection (only brought last week!) and I think newly released by Orly for the Spring/Summer. These colours are perfect for the warmer months and I am obsessed with them to be perfectly honest!

MINI MANI #004 | OPI The Amazing Spiderman Mini Collection

It's day 4 and I have another OPI mini collection to share, this time The Amazing Spiderman collection released last year. It has one of my favourite polishes - Just Spotted the Lizard.

MINI MANI #003 | OPI Skyfall Mini Collection

It's day #3 of Mini Mani Week, and today I have another OPI mini collection to share. This is the James Bond 007 Skyfall mini collection. I was so excited when this came out as I am a huge James Bond fan. Before I brought the mini set, I purchased The Living Daylight glitter and Live and Let Die as they were two colours that stood out to me initially. I also have The Man With the Golden Gun 18ct Gold Limited Edition top coat, which is so lavish and amazing that I have only used it twice as it was pretty pricey and it just seems to amazing to use (which is silly really, as I should be flaunting it on my nails!). Goldeneye was another that took my eye, so I decided to get the mini collection instead of buying the normal sized bottles (even though it came with a mini of Live and Let Die).

MINI MANI #002 | OPI Oz The Great + Powerful Mini Collection

For the second day of Mini Mani Week, I have the mini collection by OPI - Oz The Great and Powerful. The colours are very light except for the addition of the liquid sand. I wish it included one of the glitters from this collection, instead of the 3 plain colours, but that's just me!

MINI MANI #001 | L.A. Girl Grey Ombre Set

Mini Mani Week kicks off with a set of minis from L.A. Girl. I couldn't resist this grey ombre set with bonus top coat, it's all there and super easy to make a really cool looking manicure. The polishes lasted a few days before chipping, so not the best of polishes, but with a good base and top coat they would last slightly longer.

There are four different sets in this range and you can purchase them from Cherry Culture for USD $5.99.


This is just a quick wee post to mark the start of what I have dubbed 'Mini Mani Week' -  each day, starting on Sunday (tomorrow),  I will feature a collection/set of mini nail polishes. I realised I owned quite a few mini polish bottles, so why not make a week of it?! Included in each pos…

ALMAY | Haul from NZ Sale

Almay is a makeup brand pretty accessible here in NZ, but as always the prices compared to what you can get in the US are a lot more expensive. Luckily for me, NZ Sale were having a final clearance on a few Almay and Revlon bits and I could not resist the prices. The only annoying thing about buying things off NZ Sale is that you have to wait until the sale finishes, which can be 2-3 weeks and then wait for shipping so it can take a month or so to even arrive on your doorstep, depending on where the products/clothes are coming from. But the deals are usually very good and in this case they were amazing!

E.L.F. | Antigua Blush/Bronzer Duo

Now this is a bit of a 'Be Warned' kind of review if you have never tired this the E.L.F. blush and bronzer duo in the shade Antigua - if you don't like a lot of shimmer and glitter then stay far, far away from this product! I brought this online and was drawn in by the fact that I had heard lots that they were good dupes for NARS products and the shades did look gorgeous, but I just can't get past the glitter factor, I'll break it down for you below...

SAMPLE BAR GLAM PACK | October Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

Happy 1st Birthday to Sample Bar! This Glam Pack was much anticipated as it is their birthday box and I am pretty pleased with the goodies inside. For those of you who don't know about SB, it is a monthly subscription service for $25 here in New Zealand much like Birchbox etc in the US and UK. Last months pack was all right so I am hoping these products will impress a bit more.

WET N WILD | Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Starlight Bronze

Wet N Wild is a brand very difficult to find in New Zealand, but I was up in Auckland last weekend and shopping on Queen St when I stumbled across a pop up make up sale, with a lot of really cheap, discounted make up. I was very restrained and only picked up this Wet N Wild Mega Glo Illuminating P…

SAMPLE BAR GLAM PACK | September End Of Month Review

The September Sample Bar Glam Pack was a little hit and miss for me with 2 products that I didn't actually end up trying because the past month just seemed to fly by! To see my unboxing and initial thoughts from the September pack, you can find it here. Now onto each products...

NOTD | French Inspired Nail Art Design

This weekend my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a French themed party, so some French inspired nails were in order! I went blue, white and red with a flag as an accent nail and with some glitter for a bit of glam.

They were pretty simple to do, for the flag nail I put white all over and then used a strip of tape through the middle then added the blue at the base and red at the tip.

CHERRY CULTURE | Haul - Milani, NYX, China Glaze, L.A. Colors

If you've never heard of Cherry Culture well you are missing out! I've only discovered it this past year but have never brought anything off there as shipping can get a little pricey the more weight you add (especially when posting to NZ). I got an email saying they had 40% off EVERYTHING online, and well, I love a good sale so I scoured through and picked a few products that I had been wanting to get for a while now.

All up this cost me USD $52.59 which is including a steep $20.52 for shipping (the cheapest option, no tracking). But with the 40% I saved $20, so that made up for it all and worked out at around $4 for each item, which is really good considering you can't buy Milani and NYX in NZ for that cheap.

BEAUTY FORMULAS | Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

For girls who are unfortunately blessed with oily skin and large pores (like me), pore strips can be a very handy thing to use every week or so. I find even after washing my face two times a day and also exfoliating every few days make up and dirt can build up in your pores so I use pore strips to get rid of any excess dirt left over.

MUA | Haul #002 + Swatches

I know, I know... 2 MUA hauls in under 2 weeks? It's bad, but oh so good! I can justify it because they had another free shipping worldwide code, so it's a good chance to grab some things and have the £7.50 (almost $15) shipping that I would have had to of paid otherwise. There were a few more things I wanted to try and some that I wanted to get other shades of because I loved the others I got (see my first haul here).

CHEAP EBAY FINDS | Nail Polish Pump Bottle

Another addition to my cheap eBay finds posts, this time around a nifty nail polish remover pump bottle. I first saw Anna from Vivanna Does Makeup talk about a similar one to this and I think it may have been Zoya brand and was a bit overpriced, but I thought it was such a good idea. Then Lily from llymlr wrote a post about this cheap eBay alternative and I brought it right away!

BOBBI BROWN | Pretty Powerful Pretty Palette Review + Swatches

This gorgeous Bobbi Brown palette was an absolutely steal for me; I managed to pick it up off a make up buy/sell page brand new, in mint condition for only $15! I thought for Bobbi Brown that was such a good bargain. I had taken all the photos for this and then went to search for it to find prices etc. but I found out that it had been discontinued! I debated whether or not to even review it but I have found a few sites that you can still buy it from (including eBay and Amazon) and some of the products can still be brought individually from Bobbi Brown.

NOTD | ORLY La Vida Loca

This beautiful, bright pink nail polish is a new addition to my collection and as soon as I got it - it was on my nails! The colour is a cross between a barbie pink and a magenta, with a slight iridescent sheen to it. This was 2 coats for it to be fully opaque and the formula of the Orly polishes is great and drying time is pretty standard (sped up with the use of Seche Vite!)

WISHLIST | Boohoo New in for Spring

So believe it or not, Spring is here in New Zealand, the blossom tress are blooming pink and the trees are well, getting leaf-ier. It also means new spring fashion and when the Boohoo email came into my inbox saying 'New in For Spring', well I had to have a browse. Boohoo can be a little hit and miss for me (sizing can be very small) - but I did notice a few things that caught my eye... Let the list begin!

OASIS BEAUTY [NZ] | Samples + First Impressions

I had never heard of Oasis Beauty before, until I saw on my Facebook feed that someone had got some samples off them by just asking them through their website. Everyone likes free samples, so I went on their site to see what it was all about. Turns out they are based locally in Canterbury and have a huge range of products for all sorts of skin types. I sent them an inquiry with three products I would like as samples and also just asked them what would be the best products from their range for my skin type. It was a prompted reply, with some products recommend and within a few days it had arrived.

Even though they are samples and I paid nothing for them, the packaging is so nice and a lot of thought put into it. The sizes for samples are pretty generous as well and I was really impressed. They use all natural ingredients and seem to have an amazing knowledge for skincare!

MY BEAUTY STORE | Orly Haul - 3 for $30

I am always on the look out for new online shops, and I came across My Beauty Store on my Facebook page and am so glad I found it! It's a New Zealand based site, which ship free nationwide. They stock an amazing range of products and have heaps of really good deals. The one that immediately caught my attention was the 3 Orly Polishes for $30. On the site they retail for $19.99 each, it was a deal I couldn't resist. The shipping was amazingly fast and arrived in 2 days from me ordering - very impressed.

WISHLIST | Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay is a treasure trove of all the things I love. I have brought off the site once before and was really impressed with the speed of shipping - which is free to New Zealand and also the prices seem very reasonable, with a range that is just not available here in NZ. I've put together just some of the items that have been sitting in my cart, with hopes that I will win the lotto and be able to buy it all. Although not the case, one can keep dreaming!

MUA | Haul #001 + Swatches

MUA - or Make Up Academy - is an English based brand that thankfully ship out worldwide. It is crazy cheap, like 1 pound for eye shadows, nail polish etc and the quality is pretty amazing for the price! I have brought from them before and I love the products that I brought, so when they announced on their Facebook page they would do free international shipping (which is usually £7.50 to NZ) with orders over £15, I was straight on the site. I had my eye on a few things so was so excited to get them with free shipping.
[Warning.. it's a long one]


This marks the start of a new series of posts titled The Daily Face. Although this is nothing new and many bloggers post their daily make up, I like the idea as it's good documentation to find out which products that you gravitate towards most. This won't be everyday, maybe once a week, or whenever I am mixing up my routine with different products. Today's Daily Face is basically my everyday make up that I wear to Uni or if I'm out and about, it's nothing fancy or out there. If I get a bit braver I might even get my selfie on (maybe...), but for now enjoy the GIF I taught myself how to make (ooh, fancy!)
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