BEAUTY FORMULAS | Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

For girls who are unfortunately blessed with oily skin and large pores (like me), pore strips can be a very handy thing to use every week or so. I find even after washing my face two times a day and also exfoliating every few days make up and dirt can build up in your pores so I use pore strips to get rid of any excess dirt left over.

There are heaps of brands who do similar things but I really like these because they are inexpensive, around $5 and I get them from Postie here in New Zealand. I find these work just as well as other ones. You get 6 individually wrapped pore strips in one box, so less then a dollar for each one. I would say using 1 a week is enough, I like doing them on Sunday nights so I'm ready for the week ahead.

They are simple to use, you just thoroughly wash your face and make sure you have no make up on. I then wet around my nose area a lot, peel off the strip from the plastic backing and place the shiny side down onto your wet nose. I like to press it on and mold it around my nose and use my finger to push water around the edges so it is secure on my nose.

Leave it for up to 15 minutes or until it is completely dry and it will feel quite hard, then it's time for the satisfying peel off. It can hurt a wee bit, so if you have sensitive skin I would be really careful. Usually I just rip it off and it's pretty disgusting sometimes to see the amount of stuff that was stuck in your pores! But it's good to know they are dirt free!

Afterwards my nose area feel so smooth and soft and isn't dry at all. I like to go back and use a toner and moisturize afterward. Usually for the rest of the week my pores look smaller, which is always a bonus!

Pore strips are such a good thing to have in the cupboard and are great if you don't want to use a big face mask, this is good for a quick fix. 
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