CHEAP EBAY FINDS | Nail Polish Pump Bottle

Another addition to my cheap eBay finds posts, this time around a nifty nail polish remover pump bottle. I first saw Anna from Vivanna Does Makeup talk about a similar one to this and I think it may have been Zoya brand and was a bit overpriced, but I thought it was such a good idea. Then Lily from llymlr wrote a post about this cheap eBay alternative and I brought it right away!

There are a few different variations of it, and you can get different sizes (this one holds 150ml). The price is just to good... wait for it... only USD $1.55 with free shipping! I mean c'mon, that is just ridiculous! It is so much easier to use this pump dispenser then a big bottle of remover as I am always spilling out to much when I tip it onto a cotton pad and I end up wasting quite a bit!

It is so simple to use; it has a screw off top so you can fill it with any kind of liquid you would like and you simply place your cotton pad/tissue on top and press it down a couple of times to get out the liquid. It is no fuss and not messy at all, and for less then $2, you really can't go wrong!
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