E.L.F. | Antigua Blush/Bronzer Duo

Now this is a bit of a 'Be Warned' kind of review if you have never tired this the E.L.F. blush and bronzer duo in the shade Antigua - if you don't like a lot of shimmer and glitter then stay far, far away from this product! I brought this online and was drawn in by the fact that I had heard lots that they were good dupes for NARS products and the shades did look gorgeous, but I just can't get past the glitter factor, I'll break it down for you below...

The blush shade is a quite bright pink and is heavily pigmented, which is a plus. If you like a lot of shimmer and glitter, this would be the perfect blush for you! But for me, I find it to go past shimmer into the realm of crazy glitter like I used to use when I was about 10 for school discos. I would use this perhaps if I was going out and you would not need a highlighter at all. It's such a shame because the colour is gorgeous!

So trying to take a photo of this was a little difficult as it doesn't really pick up the glitter in it, in the sun and with flash this is crazy glittery, which is a shame due to the high pigmentation. Again the shade would make a great bronze colour, but there is no way you could use this all over the face as you would be like Edward Cullen shimmering all over the show!

The swatches give a little indication of the glitter, but trust me, it is quite intense. It really is a shame, but that is just because I would prefer matte or minimal shimmer shades. As I said. this is a word of warning if you are considering purchasing the Antigua duo, but if you like glittery products - go for it!

They do 2 other shades of these duos called St. Lucia and Turks + Caicos and I am interested to see what they would be like, if you have tried them, please let me know in the comments!
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