MINI MANI #001 | L.A. Girl Grey Ombre Set

Mini Mani Week kicks off with a set of minis from L.A. Girl. I couldn't resist this grey ombre set with bonus top coat, it's all there and super easy to make a really cool looking manicure. The polishes lasted a few days before chipping, so not the best of polishes, but with a good base and top coat they would last slightly longer.

There are four different sets in this range and you can purchase them from Cherry Culture for USD $5.99.

This is with the set on my nails (excuse the messy-ness hadn't cleaned around them yet) - for the glitter nail I put the darkest colour under it and did a couple of coats of glitter so you could barely see the darker colour through. It took 2 coat for fully opacity and the finish was not and not streaky at all.

Stay tuned for Mini Mani week to continue... 7 more to go!
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