MINI MANI #003 | OPI Skyfall Mini Collection

It's day #3 of Mini Mani Week, and today I have another OPI mini collection to share. This is the James Bond 007 Skyfall mini collection. I was so excited when this came out as I am a huge James Bond fan. Before I brought the mini set, I purchased The Living Daylight glitter and Live and Let Die as they were two colours that stood out to me initially. I also have The Man With the Golden Gun 18ct Gold Limited Edition top coat, which is so lavish and amazing that I have only used it twice as it was pretty pricey and it just seems to amazing to use (which is silly really, as I should be flaunting it on my nails!). Goldeneye was another that took my eye, so I decided to get the mini collection instead of buying the normal sized bottles (even though it came with a mini of Live and Let Die).

001. Goldeneye
This is a very bright fine gold glitter, that is great as a top coat, or you could probably get away with 2 generous coats on plain nails to be semi-opaque.

002. The Spy Who Loved Me
I don't think the collection would be complete without a red polish. This one verges on the raspberry side in some lights and is packed with tiny bits of glitter so has an amazing sheen to it.

003. The World Is Not Enough
This is a really unique shade, it is like a taupe colour somewhere in between silver and gold. It has hints of different tiny coloured pieces of glitter through it which changes the colour in the light

004. Live and Let Die
This shade is a dark green with blue hints through it, and is again very shimmery like the other 3. I love this colour as an alternative to black.

I love all 4 colours you get in this mini collection - all very different and a great range to try them out instead of buying the larger bottles.

Let me know your favourite below!
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