MINI MANI #007 | KLEANCOLOR 'What Girls Really Talk About' Glitter Mini Collection

Day #7 has rolled around for Mini Mani Week and I have another Kleancolour set to share. Similarly to yesterday's I purchased this from Postie for NZD $10.00 and again the name is a little bit cheesy, but I'll go with it because these glitter polishes are pretty great!

You get 6 mini bottles of a nice range of different coloured and shaped glitter top coats.

001. Black Out
I can imagine this looking amazing over black or grey polish, as the base colour is a very dark grey but isn't opaque enough to be worn on the nails itself. It has tiny bits of silver glitter mixed with large holographic hexagonal chunks, giving the polish another dimension of colour. This polish is quite thick in consistency so took a little longer to dry, so best to do a few light coats to build it up.

002. V.I.P.
This is like a confetti explosion on the nails and is quite a Christmas-y glitter I think. It has semi-opaque red base polish with small circles and hexagonal glitter in red, silver and holographic. This is 2 coats, but could be built up more if desired.

003. Kiss Goodbye
I really love this glitter and you could get away with no base coat underneath as it is densely packed with glitter, but to amp up the colour even further, a purple undercoat would look amazing. It is really fine glitter and reminds me of the OPI Liquid Sand in finish, but not as rough or gritty. It is full of purple, pink, gold and blue glitter and took 2 coats to cover this nail swatch.

004. Grand Finale
This glitter gives that feather effect that polish brands have been coming out with lately, but in a kind of tinsel effect. It is a clear base with lots of long silver holographic bars of glitter in it. This would look amazing over black.

005. 24 Carat
This one is fairly similar to Kiss Goodbye, in the sense that it is very fine glitter - but gold is the dominating colour in this polish (hence the name). It also has holographic pieces which give off an extra dimension of colour.

006. Peaceful Heart
This is a pretty unique one and has a very light almost translucent green base colour, with chunks of green and holographic glitter and then large holographic hearts. Unfortunately the hearts were pretty sparse in my bottle and I has to fish one out to place on the swatch. This would be a great top coat for other colours such as black, blue and green.

The glitter mini set gives you a nice range of glitter types and all different colours and make great top coats to transform any colour. I love Grand Finale and Kiss Goodbye - tell me your favourites in the comments

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