NOTD TAKE TWO | Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué in Sheer Blush + American Apparel Galaxy

In yesterday's post I talked all about using the Incoco strips - see it here - and I got bored of the plain colour very fast, plus they didn't really do a lot for my nails anyway. So to just give it an update, I decided to add the confetti glitter from American Apparel called Galaxy. I absolutely love this glitter, it is so fun and full of heaps of different colours and adds a polka dot looking effect on the nails.

Although I liked how it looked, when I added this glitter the Incoco strips went all bubbly underneath, which was very bizarre! I thought maybe the glitter coat was to thick but I have never had that problem with it before, so very confused about that.

I love Galaxy but not so keen on the Incoco strips in Sheer Blush, let's see how long they last (or until I get bored and want to change the colour!)
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