REVLON | Luxurious Color Perle Eye Shadows

I am a huge fan of these single eye shadows from Revlon and have talked about them a few times before on my blog (I love Nude Slip!), so when NZ Sale had a huge Revlon/Almay sale I picked up a few more. Not only are they great quality, I got each one for only $2 each - that is just craziness! These 3 are all 'Perle' finish so have quite a sparkle to them, they are really soft and pigmented and are great for the price.

Violet Starlet 050 - A dark purple, packed with glitter, great for a purple smokey eye for nights out.

Glistening Snow 035 - A silvery, white and packed with tiny bits of glitter. Great for a highlight colour or to add some extra dimension to more grey toned eyeshadows. This one seems to have the best pigmentation out of the three I got.

Sparkling Gold 010 - The name says it all, a metallic gold shadow with similar tiny specks of glitter throughout. It is quite yellow in tone, but the sparkle brings out that gold more heavily.

For the price and the quality, these single Revlon eyeshadows are well worth trying - Glistening Snow is the standout for me and just feels so buttery and the pigmentation is amazing. These 3 shades are also great mixed and matched together, purple and gold, purple and silver etc. It makes a nice change from the usual neutrals that I am most attracted to!
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