COTTON ON | Haul feat. Rubi Shoes + Typo

I love me some Cotton On, although the quality can sometimes be a little dodgy, you pay for what you get and they have some great things at pretty cheap prices! Rubi Shoes and Typo all come under the Cotton On brand, so when I got the email they were offering free shipping to NZ on orders over $50 I jumped on the web straight away. I know I could have probably picked these up in my local Cotton On/Typo, but they had a few discounts and there is much better range available online (as it is based in Australia).

As summer is rolling around, I thought I would grab a new pair of sunnies as my others are getting quite battered. I never spend much on sunglasses as I think you can get great quality cheap ones and who cares if they only last you a few months, it also means you can get a few different styles. They had an offer for 3 pairs for AUS $20, so these are the 3 I chose:

Top // Eylse Sunnie in Black [buy individually for AUS $14.95]
Think walking around the mall carrying a large Starbucks with these huge sunnies on. I absolutely love them, but not entirely sure if they suit me yet.

Middle // Morgan Sunnie in Abstract [buy individually for AUS$14.95]
I couldn't resist a bit of tortoise shell, and these are very close dupes for a Karen Walker pair (see them here).

Bottom // Coco Aviator in Gold/Revo [now on sale for AUS $5.00]
Classic aviator with a twist. Green/blue mirrored lens, perfect for summer on the boat.

As a lover of stationary, Typo is a place that feels like home. I love the selection and designs so I picked up only a few things (plus a couple of Chrissy presents that for obvious reasons are not included).

Plain Jane Small Notebook [similar style, different print AUS $1.00]
You can't have enough notebooks I say, and this one was too adorable to pass up. These have a few different designs so something to suit everyone's tastes.

My Stash Scrabble Coin Purse "C" [AUS $4.95]
Having the name Cassandra means that hardly anything comes with my name on it (as a children I was rather deprived of these things!), so anything with a C on it, I am all over.

I have gone through a few pairs of shoes from Rubi over the years and they do the job just fine and are great for cheap, but stylish shoes. They still have the offer going for 2 for $30, so I picked up 2 pairs of flats. I am a size 10/11 [41/42] depending on the shoe/brand and I find with Rubi shoes, they run a little small, and the 42's are perfect for me.

Sadie Slipper in Tan [buy individually for AUS $19.95]
I don't think I have ever owned a tan pair of flats and I love this loafer style, so glad to have picked this pair up.

Simmy Peep Toe in Black [buy individually for AUS $19.95]
Usually I stay away from peep toed shoes (have that weird middle toe longer then the big toe thing happening.. wow TMI on my weird feet situation, apologies!) But I thought these were a nice spin on a plain black flat, and I they don't look too bad on!

Aside from publicly admitting my weird feet problems to you all, I hope you enjoyed my wee haul from Cotton On and are inspired to go out and do some shopping of your own!

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