November has come and gone, in between finishing my exams at the start of the month to starting work over in Akaroa for the summer, not many Instagram's were actually snapped. But here is the round up of the photos I did take during the month of November.

001. 'And in the morning, I'm makin' waffles!' // 002. The cutest cupcake Christmas ornament from Typo

003. A bargain $5 clutch from Kmart // 004. Baking teeny tiny cupcakes // 005. I hit 1,000 followers on my tumblr account and was way to happy about it!

006. My cat Max wasn't to happy about wearing a flower crown // 007. Bacon + Eggs for brunch with my BFF // 008. 7 Days Live taping for TV and boy, it was hilarity

009. A gorgeous morning in Akaroa // 010. Coffee + chocolate danish for brekkie // 011. I had a few parcels waiting for me at home

012. All the goodies in all the parcels // 013. Water droplets // 014. Making crepes

015. Homemade curry for dinner // 016. I am obsessed with this nail combo (will be on blog soon!) // 017. A stunning moonstone ring

So, it seems I took many pictures of my various breakfasts this month... I am so excited for December as it means hot weather, Christmas and New Years - bring it on!
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