LUSH | Santa's Lip Scrub

Lush product were something I had just never got into, I had been gifted a few bath bombs and soaps over the years and only really ventured into the Lush shops every so often. Now that I keep seeing/watching Lush hauls on Youtube and reading endless blog posts all saying how amazing Lush is, I think I have been converted. I went into my local Lush with buying one of their lip scrubs and I came out with this little pottle of Christmas good-ness!

If are like me and are one of the very few who haven't tried a Lush lip scrub, I suggest you get your hands on one to try. They smell amazing, taste amazing and look amazing... I mean, that ticks all of the boxes for me!

The special Christmas edition, aptly called Santa's lip scrub, promises to "Prepare your lips for Santa baby!" and prepare your lips it does! You only need a small amount to scrub your lips and you can either wipe it off with a tissue or just lick it off, as all the ingredients are natural and fine to consume. You are left with a delicious cola scent and taste, as well as your lips left feeling nice and soft. I like using this before applying lipstick, so I will scrub, put on a balm and then add lipstick on top to make sure my lips are looking smooth and even.

I am now eyeing up the other flavours of the Lush lip scrubs, but not sure what one I should get next!

You can purchase it here for NZD $12.50 for 25g.
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