NOTD | China Glaze Holographic in Galactic Gray

I will be the first to admit I might have a bit of an obsession with holographic, I love the 90s throwback and I think it just looks so fashion forward and very eye catching. When I saw the China Glaze range, to say my heart fluttered a little is an understatement, I had to resist buying each and every one of the colours, but settled on just one - Galactic Gray.

As you can see in the first photo, inside it just looks like a purpley grey but once it is under artificial light or in the sun, the amazing hologram shows its colours. It is quite a thick, gloppy polish and you have to wipe the brush quite a bit, but it only needs 2 thin coats to achieve this finish.

I brought mine from Cherry Culture (when they had a 40% promo), but you can get it here for USD $7.99.
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