SAMPLE BAR GLAM PACK | October End of Month Review

Another month, another Sample Bar end of month review.  The October Glam Pack was celebrating their first birthday, so it was expected to be a good one. The majority of the items I really loved but there was one that really did not need to be in their and another that I just haven't got the use out of. As boxes go, this was definitely not an all time favourite but I am still happy with the products. If you would like to see the October unboxing and initial impressions with more photos of the products, you can see it here. Now, on to the review!

PRODUCT 001. Pure Fiji Hydrating Guava Body Lotion [Fullsize RRP $49.00 (350ml)]

First off, this smells incredible, the guava comes through very strongly and it smells like a tropical smoothie. For a lotion, it is on the thicker side, but goes on very smooth and sinks into the skin quickly leaving it feeling very moisurised. The tropical/guava scent does linger and is a really nice subtle fragrance. Overall I really like it, but it is a luxury products in my eyes at $49 for the full sized. Maybe if I really wanted to treat myself then I would purchase the full size, but it's a little out of my price range currently.

Left: Couleur Caramel Bronzer // Right: Youngblood Lipstick in Vixen
PRODUCT 002. Couleur Caramel Cooked Powder Tanned Effect Bronzer [RRP range from $21.90 - $49.90 (3g - 10g)]

I'll say it right away, this was my favourite item for this Glam Pack, I have been using it nearly every day since I got it, even reaching for it over my Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer! At first I was a bit dubious about it, especially as it was a brand I had never heard of, but after using it for the first time I was so impressed! 

It is very pigmented so you only need to lightly dust your brush over the top to get the perfect amount. I find it gives me a really nice bronze glow without being orangey, which was something I was worried about when looking at it in the pan. It has gold glitter throughout but one the skin it is barely noticeable and just helps to enhance the glow. I also love the packaging and think it is very unique, as it is completely bio-degradable. The price ranges into the higher spectrum out of the whole range and is an amazing product to receive as the full size item in this glam pack.

PRODUCT 003. Youngblood Mini Lipstick in Vixen [Fullsize RRP $43.50 (4g)]

I haven't actually tired this lipstick out yet, as red lipstick scares the shit out of me and I really don't think I can pull it off (yes, I am a bit of a wimp). However I did swatch it a few times and it is seriously pigmented and glides on very smooth and evenly. With a name like Vixen, the lipstick colour sure lives up to it. I have heard great things about the YB lipsticks and as it's full sized price you would hope that they were great! Maybe I will be brave enough to try this out one day...

PRODUCT 004. Rosehip by Essano Gentle Foaming Cleanser [Fullsize RRP $14.99 (140ml)]

Essano is a new brand that is coming into supermarkets and possibly pharmacies in NZ, so it was nice to receive a sample from the brand to try (and a generous sized one at that!). Rosehip oil is really great for your skin and I have been using pure rosehip for a month or so now and it really moisturises and makes your skin feel amazing. It also helps to reduce scaring and redness (which I am yet to see, but I am keeping persistent!) 

As a cleanser goes, it did the job nicely. It is a gel type cleanser that you rub in your hands until it foams up and then cleanser the skin with it. It has a subtle floral scent, but nothing over powering. There were two 30ml samples in this Glam Pack, which is a very generous amount and I think it will last quite a while. The price is really affordable for the full size and if you are after some good quality skincare made in NZ then I would say give the Essano range a try.

PRODUCT 005. Angel Orange Flower Shampoo + Hair Mask [Fullsize RRP $39.00 (400ml)]

These particular products are specifically for coloured hair, which was perfect for me! I have tired a few Angel Paris hair care products before thanks to Sample Bar and they have really impressed me. The shampoo and hair mask were no exception! The shampoo felt really nice and after rinsing out my hair felt quite soft, unlike with some shampoo that make your hair feel super dry and crying out for conditioner. 

The hair mask was the stand out of the two, after using the shampoo I put the hair mask through and left it in for just over 5 minutes (they recommend 5-10 minutes). There was only a small amount in the sample sachet but it was more than enough to go through my fairly long hair. After washing out, my hair felt super soft, was a breeze to brush through and after blow drying it was so soft and my ends looked and felt very nourished. I would definitely look at purchasing the full size of the hair mask as a small amount went along way and my hair felt seriously nice after using it!

PRODUCT 006. Dots Laundry Powder [Fullsize RRP $6.99 - $13.99 (1kg - 2kg)]

This was the throw away item for me, I didn't really see the need to put in a one use laundry powder, plus it was for a top loader and I only have a front loader so I couldn't even use it. Honestly I probably could have done without it as the rest of the Glam Pack was really great.

October's birthday Glam Pack was a pretty good one! The Couleur Caramel bronzer, Fiji lotion, Essano cleanser and the Angel hair mask were great, with the bronzer being my absolute favourite. Let's see what November's pack brings...
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