STEAM CREAM | All-In-One Body Moisturiser Review

Steam Cream was something I had never heard of, until I received this in a Sample Bar box at the start of the year and I absolutely love it! It says it is a moisturiser for face, body and hands but I generally just use it for my body and hands as I have many other dedicated face moisturisers. It is uses many natural and vegan friendly ingredients, as well as many essential oils which are great for the skin including lavender oil, jojoba, neroli and sweet almond.

The thing that makes this moisturiser stand out, is not only its use of natural ingredients but also for its unique and limited edition tin designs. There are so many to chose from and they would make amazing gifts; I am loving the Christmas designs they have released!

I didn't realise until I read more about it on their website, is that they use steam to actually whip the cream, which gives it its light, glossy texture. It is a really lightweight cream and absorbs into the skin really quick with no sticky residue left. I love the smell as well, with lavender being the predominant scent.

You can purchase these straight from the website for £12.95 with free shipping, or you can also buy Steam Cream from ASOS for roughly the same price at approx. NZD $27.00. If you are after a nice moisturiser and also something with amazing and unique packaging, this is one to try out!

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