BRUSH HOLDERS | Printed Milk Bottles + Potential DIY Inspiration

I just had to share these gorgeous little milk bottles I picked up the other day from a small gallery in Akaroa. They were $6 each and there were a few other designs; ones with neon polka dots, and a another with a neon heart. I went for the basis B&W, with the black chevron print and a white star.

These obviously can be used for a variety of purposes, for flowers, liquids etc, but I had a bit of a squish happening with my other brushes, so to make some room I put my eye brushes in the smaller bottles and left my larger face brushes in the bigger holder.

You could quite easily make these yourself by finding some cute jars and bottles and then making a stencil and spray painting in whatever colour you prefer. They would make great gifts or a good way to upcycle any glass bottles - the opportunities are endless!


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