DERMALOGICA | Precleanse Review

This little sample bottle has quickly turned into something I have been using everyday and absolutely loving the results. I received this 15ml sample in a Sample Bar Glam Pack (unsure of the month) and had just not given it a go until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to finally give it a whirl. The Dermalogica Precleanse is as the name suggests an oil to use before cleansing your face.

It is so simple and easy to use and the way it removes the makeup off your face is amazing! All you need is a few drops of the precleanse and then you just put it on your dry, made up face and massage it around. After that get a bit of water, which then lathers the oil up to a creamy consistency and when you wipe your face with a flannel it removes all of your makeup just like that! I tend to go in with an eye makeup remover to remove any excess around my eyes but it does an amazing job at getting rid of the bulk of my makeup after the day.

I find it to be a much gentler product than using a face wipe and the Dermalogica brand is one of high quality and they use the best ingredients. I don't have much left of my sample and will be buying a larger bottle of this very soon!

Prices start at NZD $24.00 for 30ml and NZD $84.00 for 150ml.


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