SLEEK MAKEUP | Flamingo Blush

You really can't go wrong with Sleek Makeup - it's affordable but high quality and they have a great range of eyeshadows and blushers that are all beautiful. This blush in Flamingo is no exception!

In the pan, yes, this colour does look a tad scary. I know for me when I first got it, I was hesitant and barely touched my blush in the pan for fear of ending up looking like a scary clown! But I put my fears aside and went in blush brush a-blazin'. It is pretty heavily pigmented but it can be blended out easily and leaves a wash of dark pink on the cheeks. It is also matte with no shimmer.

At a price of USD $5.99, these blushes are an absolute steal and the quality is on par with other higher end brands. They ship worldwide and shipping to NZ can start as little as $3 approx.

Thoughts on Sleek blushes, or their makeup in general? Let me know in the comments!


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