L.A. COLORS | Cherry Culture Haul Part #002

Coming at you is Part 2 of my 3 part Cherry Culture haul [yes, it was a rather large order]. The last past featured a bunch of Jordana products, which you can see swatches and more info about here. This will be a slightly shorter one as I only brought 3 items from the brand L.A. Colors, all of which are nail polishes (no surprises there right?)

001. Flash Pop! in Fireworks // USD $2.50
My last order from Cherry Culture a month or so ago featured 2 of these Flash Pop nail sticks, and I couldn't resist getting another couple. Fireworks has one end a hot pink and the glitter end is packed with blue and red chunks of various sizes. The glitter pay off is pretty good and this swatch shows only 1 coat of the hot pink and 2 coats of glitter.

002. Flash Pop! in Pinksicle // USD $2.50
This Flash Pop has a light pastel pink end, with the glitter end having a mix of smaller pink, holographic and silver pieces. Again this only needed 1 coat of the pink and 2 coats of the glitter.

003. Cuticle Oil // USD $1.50
I popped this one into my cart as I had never used a cuticle oil before and this one was super cheap! It has a nail polish brush applicator so you can just swipe it around the nails. I find rubbing it in and massaging it into the cuticles works best. It soaks in relatively fast and leaves no oily residue.

If you've used any of these nail products, let me know in the comments.


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