NUDE BY NATURE | Mineral Eyeshadow Trio

Nude By Nature is a brand I have only recently tried in the past 6 months or so, I had always seen it at Farmers but never thought much of it. On NZ Sale in the middle of last year, they had this big kit which included some of their skincare products as well as some makeup, this Mineral Eye Shadow Trio being one of them. These are a little hit and miss for me, which I will get into more details below, but I think as a brand they are great; they have no animal testing and their ingredients are 100% naturally derived.

The trio came in a little box with double ended brush included, which is actually very good quality. The trio of mineral eye shadows are named as Base, Define and Contour.

Each shade is matte, which is great for everyday wear and the shades are those basic must-haves to compliment any eye or makeup look. The shadows themselves are well pigmented and blend out well.
Base is a light creamy brown shade, perfect for all over the lid and to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Define is a dark brown and great for the outer parts of the eye and in the crease. Contour is a lighter brown then Define and works well to help blend out all the shadows and is good for the crease for a more natural everyday eye.

The pros are definitely the fact that the shadows are matte and well pigmented, but the packaging lets them down somewhat as they can get pretty messy. It just has a screw off pottle with 3 small holes for the eye shadows to be dispensed out of. You have to sort of tip it upside down before you open it and then carefully try not to dump out the powder everywhere - not so great if you are in a rush! I'm on the fence about recommending them, but I do think they are affordable and good quality matte shadows, I just wish there a different packaging for them.

You can purchase Nude By Nature at Farmers, and I think a few pharmacies. If you have tried there makeup, sound off in the comments!


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