SAMPLE BAR GLAM PACK | December End of Month Review

Apologies that this is about a week later then when I should have uploaded it, but the time is just flying by and I can hardly keep up! The Sample Bar Glam Pack for December was packed and very generous. I received 11 items all crammed into the little box; 7 products, plus 4 bonus products/items. For my initial thoughts and unboxing for the December pack, you can see it here with more photos and a run down of the items.

PRODUCT 001. Dr. Wendy's 100% Botanical Skin Care Gentle Toner [Fullsize RRP $29.50 (50ml)]
This was one of the full sized items and I was looking forward to trying it out. I have been using it pretty much everyday since I got it and I am in two minds about it. First off I'm not sure if it was supposed to do this, or if I got a dud, but the spray pump did not spray a mist at all. It all came out in one big stream, so I couldn't spray from the bottle onto my face as it wouldn't distribute evenly. To solve this issue I just use a cotton pad (as I do with my Body Shop Toner) and wipe it around my face. 

The toner is made from 100% pure plant products, so it does have quite a strong scent, which I don't mind but I am not crazy about. As the actual product goes, I think I much prefer my Body Shop Tea Tree toner as I feel like it removes any excess makeup off my face, where as with this Dr. Wendy's one it doesn't. After wiping it on my face after cleansing, it makes my skin feel quite tight, like it needs a good dose of moisturiser straight away; with the Tea tree toner I don't find that at all. So hence, why I am in two minds; I like it, I have been using it and it hasn't been doing my skin any bad, but just not noticeably anything good. I don't think I would repurchase but I would be interested in seeing what else Dr. Wendy's has to offer as it is all made in NZ.

PRODUCT 002. Sukin Facial Moisturiser [RRP $12.20 (125ml)]
For a sample size, it was pretty generous and I am still making my way through it after using it every morning for a few weeks. I think it is a good moisturiser and worked well on my oily/combo skin, providing the right amount of hydration but not making an excess oil be produced. I like the fact it is natural ingredients and full of all things great for the skin. I will definitely be on the look out to try some more Sukin products and I also think they are a great price for good skincare.

PRODUCT 003. Pure Fiji Hydrating Guava Body Lotion [Fullsize RRP $49.00 (350ml)]
This was a repeat product which I has received in  the October Glam Pack, so I will redirect you to my end of month review for October [here] instead to see what I thought. Sneak peek, I really liked it.

PRODUCT 004. Swisspers Cleansing Eye Make-Up Remover Pads [Fullsize RRP $6.75 (30 Pads)]
I really like the Swisspers makeup wipes, as they are affordable and get the job done, so it was nice to receive a full size of the eye makeup remover wipes to try as I had no idea they were even available to buy. I thought they worked quite well but not as good as the two solution/shake them up type eye makeup removers that I'm used to. They didn't remove it as quick but with some patience and gentle pressing on the eye it removes the bulk of my eye makeup. I put it to the test with Benefit's They're Real mascara and it got rid of it pretty well, but not as well as the liquid ones. I think they are great for travel though as you wouldn't have to worry about spillage and you could easily take them in your handbag or even on the plane.

PRODUCT 005. Pratty's Tea [Fullsize RRP $7.90-$13.90 (100-500gm)]
I am not a tea person really at all, I can sometime deal with flavoured ones but this Pratty's tea in the 'Strawbs and Cream' flavour was not for me. First off, as I am not a tea fanatic, I didn't have anything to brew the loose leaves in so that was a little messy but I managed to make it so I could give it a try. One sip was all I needed to decide, nope, not for me. In the packet it smelt amazing, like seriously of strawberries and cream, which was so bizzare. It had a strong green tea base which I just didn't like but I am sure I am in the odd few who just doesn't like tea. If you a tea lover I would suggest you give this a try, as I am not a good advocate for tea tasting, sorry Pratty's/

PRODUCT 006. Blinc Mascara in Black [Fullsize RRP $44.95 (6g)]
This little mascara scared me a quite a bit, I had never tried anything that actually created 'tubes' as it says it does, but it was much less scarier once I gave it a go. The bristle looks like a pretty standard wand, with no curves or additions and natural bristles. The formula seemed quite thick but when it was applied to the lashes it went on smoothly and didn't clump at all. You have to work with it quite fast, I did a few coats and let them dry then did another couple for good measure. It did create thicker and blacker lashes but they didn't seem to lengthen them, instead it just created a very natural look. I tend to go for quite long lashes but this is a great mascara for more neutral makeup day, or 'no makeup, makeup days'. 

The removing of the mascara was the interesting part. It says you only need to apply gentle pressure and warm water and the tubes will just slide away; and it did exactly that! The mascara stayed without smudging or flaking all day, but with a bit of water it removed completely! It was great to give a try but I don't know if I would purchase the fullsize, purely for the price and I tend to go for mascara that create crazy big lashes. 

PRODUCT 007. ShowStoppers Nude + Black Strips [Fullsize RRP $9.99 (Pack of 12 Nude + 12 Black Strips)]
I didn't get the chance to try these as I don't usually wear dresses/tops that need to be stuck in place. But for when I do I will be giving these a go.

PRODUCT 008. Booty Parlour's Flirty Little Secret Firming Cream With Pheromones [Fullsize RRP $67.99 (135ml)]
This was another product that I received in the March and hadn't got round to trying it then but gave it a go a few weeks ago. Apparently this is a firming cream with pheromones, to help attract the opposite sex then? I have got to say I don't see how it would work but perhaps for someone. I used this on my arms and found it a little hard to work into the skin. It is extremely shimmery bronze colour and does leave the skin with a lot more colour but I don't know about the whole firming cream business... It washes off in the shower although I did find that it transferred easily  even before washing off. I definitely would not be purchasing this, especially at that fullsize price (!!) and the product didn't really do anything for me.

PRODUCT 009. L'oreal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Serum [Fullsize RRP $34.99 (30ml)]
I pretty much feel in love this product and brought the full sized as soon as I had finished the the 7 sample packets! After cleansing and toning at night I would put this serum on and then wait a couple of mins for it to settle in and then go in with my moisturiser over top. In the morning my skins feels so soft and does look a lot clearer. I have noticed a difference in my skin and it seems a lot smoother, I'm not sure yet about how luminous it is but this is a great serum and over time I can see it really improving my skin.

PRODUCT 010. Sample Bar's Heart Shaped Toe Separators [Fullsize $3.99 (For a pair)]
Not much to say on these, except they are cute, heart shaped and separate your tootsies.

PRODUCT 011. L'Oreal Paris Elvive Volume Collagen Texturising Shampoo [Fullsize RRP $6.59 (250ml)]
Finally to the last product and another L'Oreal one. I got 7 sachets of this shampoo and found it to be a great shampoo with a slight difference in the texture of my hair but nothing crazy. I'd consider purchasing the fullsized and perhaps with continued use it would make your hair have more volume, but in the mean time it did it's shampooing job well.

Wow that was a long one! December's was a great pack and the Sample Bar team were very generous in dishing out bonuses for everyone. Unfortunately the January Glam Pack will be the final one as Sample Bar have announced they are closing down, which is really sad to hear! So if you are a Sample Bar member make sure to go to their Glam Store and check out all the products on sale and use up some of those glam points that you have accumulated [I managed to nab a few great bargains!]

If you have used any of the products mentioned, let me known in the comments!

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