STILA | In The Light Palette Review + Swatches

[Excuse the battered outside... more info about it all below]
It might come as a surprise to some to know that this was the first more 'higher end' or expensive eyeshadow palette I have actually brought! I have a lot of cheaper palettes from MUA, Australis and Designer Brands for example, which don't get me wrong are blimen' great for the prices, but getting this Stila In The Light palette was a real treat.

I had been lusting over this palette for so long and heard so many amazing reviews, especially about the infamous Kitten shade, so this neutral palette was right up my alley. I purchased this from Beauty Bay for USD $38.80 - or roughly NZD $46.85 with free shipping (such a great site for that!)

It comes with 10 shades, all quite neutral colours with a nice range of mattes and shimmers. The quality is literally incredible, the shadows are super pigmented, feel soft and buttery, blend well, last all day and have some gorgeous and unique colours.

You might want to shield your eyes from the makeup trauma below...

So my excitement for receiving this palette was absolutely ruined when it arrived (about 3 1/2 weeks after ordering) to find that it had been smashed in, despite there seeming to be enough bubble wrap and packing around it. It's safe to say my heart was feeling a bit broken and I was pretty angry. I contacted Beauty Bay and sent them pictures of the damage. Luckily only the mirror had cracked, which was being held together by the plastic seal over it, so there were no shards in the shadows and none of the actual shadows had cracked or were broken. They were so great about it and were going to send me out a replacement one, in return for sending mine back to them. For some strange reason I got an email back a day later saying that the palette was out of stock so they were going to refund me in full for the palette and that I should do whatever I please with the damaged one. I was so surprised and very impressed with how they handled it seeing that it was out of their hands and it had obviously occurred during transit.

With a bit of careful re-modelling, I managed to remove the mirror, add in some thick cardboard as reinforcement and cover the war zone so it was still usable. If it hadn't of worked I definitely would have jumped on and brought another right away but luckily I was able to salvage it.

TOP ROW: Light creams + browns
Bare - A matte yellow based cream shade, perfect as a base all over the lid.
Kitten - My favourite from the lot and just the most beautiful shimmery shade I have ever seen. It is a champagne shimmer, that looks gold, pink and silver all at the same time and is perfect all over the lid.
Bliss - A basic matte light brown, great for blending.
Sunset - Another of the standouts - A coppery brown with a shimmery/satin finish.
Sandstone - Not as pigmented as the rest but still a basic, versatile matte dark brown, good for the crease.

BOTTOM ROW:  Darker browns + grey tones
Bubbly - A buttery, shimmery gold - a sister colour to Kitten and they compliment each other very well.
Gilded Gold - Dark matte brown with gold micro glitter throughout. Looks good all over the lid, nice for creating darker eye looks
Luster - Very dark grey, with micro gold glitter.
Night Sky - A unique purpley-blue with silver micro glitter throughout, very aptly named.
Ebony - A basic matte black. What every good neutral palette needs.

As an added bonus to the beautiful shadows, you also receive a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Damsel. It is a dark brown/almost black crayon type eyeliner, that has serious pigmentation and requires little effort to produce a thick and pronounced line, that will not budge for the whole day. It is a great companion to the shadows.

This is one of those palettes I would say that everyone needs in their makeup bag. The price really isn't too steep, especially when you think about it; 10 beautiful selected eyeshadow colours that have some of the best pigmentations out there and also an eyeliner - it's a pretty good deal. I pretty much brought it for Kitten alone (but I don't take much convincing when a palette like this is there to buy!)

[P.S. While I was on Beauty Bay getting the links + prices for this, I noticed the Naked 2 palette was finally back in stock, so I may have just brought it. Excitement is at an all time high.]


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