February really hurried along, perhaps because there isn't so many days, or I was just doing lots of fun thing [not really] but my Instagram feed was packed with photos -  a total of 31 to be exact. There isn't even that many days in February, but I obviously found many Instagram worthy moment, so here is the Feb Round Up.

001. Yes, it is summer and yes, it was cold enough that a bar had the fire going // 002. A lovely friend [thank you!] brought me back a few goodies from Sephora

003. Chocolate mousse on a meringue, life is good // 004. Maxin' relaxin' // 005. A pleasent drive with the music LOUD

006. A makeup bag mess [this will be in an upcoming Travel Makeup Bag post] // 007. Long drive essentials; good music, lollies + a cold drink // 008. A day spent blogging

009. The Tarte Be MATTEnificent is a thing of beauty // 010. A true contortionist // 011. Finally organising the stacks of recipe magazines that were building up

012. Quick, easy + delicious orzo salad // 013. Homemade pizzas really are the best // 014. Rutile Quartz ring - it is truly stunning

015. Sister lunch date // 016. Why I love Akaroa // 017. A good toastie will always make a day better

018. Easter is miles away but the Creme Egg is back! // 019. A pink kinda make up day // 020. By candlelight

021. Am going to miss this set up // 022. Essie Ladylike -  a beautiful purple/beige neutral // 023. The sky is magic

024. If there is a Caesar on the menu, you know I'll be ordering it // 025. A recycled pickle jar, now housing lip lacquers + lip creams // 026. I have a thing for black + gold - matching stationary for uni

027. This cute photo of Max was completely enhanced by the lens flare - good work S3 camera! // 028. A teeny tiny Moleskine 2014 Diary // 029. This Glassons stitch detail clutch is everything

030. Kmart make up sales - all 3 for $20 // 031. A makeup obsessed cat? He is very interested in the Apocalips by the looks of it

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