JORDANA | Haul from 2Cheap [NZ] Review + Swatches

If you are in NZ, you might not be too familiar with the Jordana brand, it's not stocked at Farmers, pharmacies or department stores - the only place you can find it; $2 shops. Yep, I bet many people walk past the Jordana stand while they go into find cheap dress up stuff and take no notice of it. At first I thought that these products can't be any good and was generally very dismissive of them, but after hearing rave reviews about their lipsticks in particular, on various makeup groups on Facebook, I did my first order of Jordana from Cherry Culture, which you can see my post here (includes swatches, links and all that good stuff). I was super impressed with the products, so the other week when I was walking through the mall, I stopped in at 2Cheap in Northlands Mall to find a heavily stocked Jordana stand, and yes, naturally I got very excited about it all and grabbed a few items costing me under $25!

001. Blush Powder in 32 Rose Silk // NZD $3.90
I am a bit of a blusher fend at the moment, so naturally could not resist grabbing a couple of the blushes. They come in simple silver packaging with a clear screw lid, which is perfect to be able to see the colour inside easily. These blushes are completely matte and have great pigmentation - they aren't too light, nor are they so intense that with one sweep you look like a scary clown, they allow a natural dusting on the cheeks that can be built up on. Rose Silk is a very natural, every day, wearable shade that compliments any lip or eyeshadow combo, I've been wearing it a lot since I got it!

002. Blush Powder in 18 Touch Of Pink // $3.90
This blush shade is also completely matte and has the same texture and pigmentation as Rose Silk. Touch Of Pink is more on the coral/peach side of pink, which is a blush colour I am always gravitating towards.

These really are an absolute steal for only $3.90, but you can buy them from Cherry Culture and Beauty Joint for around $1.50 to $2.49 respectively, but keep in mind this is US dollars and you have to pay pretty hefty shipping unless you are buying quite a few items.

003. Matte Lipstick in 55 Pink Showstopper // $3.90
I got a couple of lipsticks in my last order from Cherry Culture and was impressed with the formula and lasting power of these lippies. They also have a HUGE selection of shades and the 2Cheap I went to actually had quite a few, mostly in the pink colour family. Pink Showstopper is a bit of true barbie, bubblegum pink shade. They aren't so matte that they are drying, and feel comfortable on the lips. The one thing about the matte lipstick range (always in the gold tubes) is that they have that kind of old lady lipstick/makeup smell, which I can't decide if I like or not. I put up with it because the colours are so nice!

The matte lipsticks are again cheaper on Cherry Culture etc. On Cherry Culture they are on sale for USD $1.00, but they have a very limited selection of shades, whereas Beauty Joint have pretty much every colour under the sun, at USD $1.59

004. Lipstick in 187 Vivid Rose // $3.90
I grabbed another of the normal lipsticks in the silver tube, this one is Vivid Rose and is a bright pink. The normal lipstick formulas are creamy but not so much that they are going to slide around your lips. They have pretty good wear time and are pretty much fully opaque in 1 swipe! These lipsticks have a much better scent than the matte ones and feel very fruity and quite delicious!

The silver tube lipsticks are the same prices as the matte lipstick; you can find them on Cherry Culture (but limited colour selection) and on Beauty Joint.

005. Fabu Liner Liquid Eye Liner in 01 Black // $5.95 [approx.]
This eyeliner was a bit more expensive than the blushes and lipsticks, and was around $5 - $6 (but I can't quite remember exactly, apologies!) I have the BOLD version of this and found it seriously impressive, so went for the thinner tip, which is very similar to the e.l.f. liquid liner that I love. This doesn't seem to be as heavily black as the BOLD version, but can be built up.

As you can see from the image above the BOLD version is like a permanent marker, with the normal version being much thinner, suitable for a more precise application. I could only find this online at Beauty Joint for USD $2.99.

It is well worth taking a second look when you walk past one of the $2 type shops. I am very impressed with how well these products performed and also the colour selection. I am yet to try any of their foundations, concealers etc, but that is on my list to do so. As I have said, you can buy them online, my favourite sites being Cherry Culture and Beauty Joint but buying from there is only worth your while if you are purchasing a lot, as shipping can be $10+ for only a couple of items. I say, find a Jordana stand near you and go a give some of the products a swatch (if testers are available) and buy one product, I mean $3.90 is ridiculous for a makeup product and if you are on a budget, it's even better!

Share your thoughts about Jordana in the comments below, I would love to hear some products you've tried and if they are worthwhile trying out! 


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