KMART BE INDULGED | $12 Holographic Clear Makeup + Travel Bags

If you are on the look out for some new makeup bags, you definitely need to stop in at Kmart and check out the amazing range they have there. I was so surprised to walk in and find this set for only NZD $12, for 3 various sized makeup/travel bags. I felt like I had spent so long searching for a clear travel bag and just couldn't find one anywhere - or they were just super expensive. I had to settle for a Kathmandu one (which you can see in my Travel Makeup Bag post here), it did the job fine but just didn't have the aesthetic appeal.

The best thing about these is that they are such good sizes, are clear and are holographic... I mean come on! It's everything I could possibly want in a makeup bag.

The large transparent bag has a zip fasten and is around about A4 sized, big enough for bottles of skincare and shampoo etc.

The middle pouch is a mesh material and as you can see is relatively large and is perfect for makeup products.

The final (and adorable) is the little holographic pouch which I will be using not just for travel. It was funny though, the day I found these I had only about 20 minutes early nearly brought a small holographic pouch almost identical from Colette for around $16! It is the perfect size for my phone, some cards and a lippie - great for nights out.

They had a bunch of other colour and patterns if holographic isn't for you, but at $12 for 3 bags, it is a total steal!


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