MOST LOVED | February '14

The second month of 2014 has again flown by, so here are all the products, music + TV that I have been loving during February. This month I finished up my summer job and have now started back at my final year at university. I am looking forward to being back and really love the papers that I will be doing, and of course, fitting in time for lots of blogging!


001. Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel (For Trouble Spots)
This product was kindly sent to me by Living Nature and a full review will be coming in the next couple of weeks, but I had to put it in my Most Loved as it is a truly amazing product. It is aimed at blemished skin and I use it as a spot treatment and it does a fantastic job at reducing spots and also preventing them. The cycle time of a spot is lessen with this gel and even after using it one night, the next morning any spots are greatly reduced, I absolutely love it! It is 100% natural with a lovely manuka honey scent.

002. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
This sample sized mascara came as a set in the Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings (full post coming very soon!) and I pretty much used it everyday in the second half of February. It is super black and the brush curves in at the centre and flairs out at each end, allowing it to really get the lashes near the inner corner of the eye and also the outer. It gives such amazing volume and density to the lashes without clumping - it ticks all the right boxes for me!

003. Benefit Gimme Brown in Light/Medium
I haven't dabbled into the brow mascara/gel world, but after using this Gimme Brow I understand why they are so great. The Benefit one not only gives colour to brows, shapes them and sets them in place but it also has fibres in it that volumise the brows. This is the perfect product for when you're in a rush or just want a light makeup day - running this through just defines them a bit more and tames them into the shape you want. I use this in conjunction with a brow pen/pencil to fill them in first and then run this through, and boom, brows done.

004. Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust For Blush
I've blogged (and raved) about this, which you can read here and wore it a lot during February. It has a balm like feeling on the lips but gives just the right amount of colour without being high maintenance. The colour is perfect, it's a soft pink that does have a natural look when it's on the lips.

005. Jordana Blush Powder in 32 Rose Silk
I brought this little blush for $3.90 from 2Cheap [see the haul post here] and am amazed at the quality and lasting power of this Jordana blush. The colour is a natural, everyday pink that gives a nice flushed look to the cheeks and compliments any makeup look. The pigmentation is great and the blush isn't at all powdery and it blends out well on the cheeks.

006. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer
Along with the Better Than Sex mascara, this bronzer also came in the same set. I feel a good matte bronzer should be a staple in anybody's makeup bag and this one by Too Faced has proved to be just that. It is completely matte, no shimmer in it at all, making it perfect for adding colour and dimension to the face without looking like a bit of disco glitter ball. It also smells delicious and very sweet with a vanilla/chocolatey scent. I've been reaching for it everyday and it is the perfect colour without being too muddy or too dark and looks very natural.

007. Urban Decay Naked 2 + Naked 3 Palettes
Without any surprise, these two beauties had to make into my Most Loved. They are one of my most prized makeup possessions and I wonder why it took me so long to dive into the Urban Decay Naked eye shadows. Naked 2 is more taupey/bronze shades, and Naked 3 is very rose gold and pink based. The overall quality of these shadows are outstanding, and if you are hesitating to buy any of the Naked trio, it is well worth spending that bit extra for something that will last, has great quality and also a great selection of shades to create any eyeshadow look.


008. Katy B - Little Red [Deluxe]
On pretty much constant repeat for me during February was Katy B's second album release called Little Red. Her first album is phenomnal and I still love going back and listening to it every now and then and this one is no different. I find with most albums that I love there is always 1 song that I'm never too fond of, with Little Red every single song is amazing and is an all round brilliant album. Must listens are; Next Thing, I Like You, Emotions, Hot Like Fire and Sapphire Blue - but really you just need to listen to the whole album through if you're into a bit of electronica/dubstep type vibes.

009. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
A new discovery that has fast become one of my favourite shows is the detective/police office comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Andy Samberg plays the main character and I've been a huge fan of him since way back in his SNL and The Lonely Island days, so I am not surprised how great I find this show. Every character is great, Gina is utterly hilarious, and if you like shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation then you are sure to enjoy this!

010. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Lastly, I have to show some love for The Tonight Show, now with one of my favourite comedians as host, Jimmy Fallon. Late Night was hilarious and I loved watching that, but now Jimmy has gone bigger and better taking over The Tonight Show and it is even more brilliant than before. I was afraid that he might change the format, but it is pretty much the same Jimmy Fallon with The Roots and, of course, Higgins, but is a bigger set, and an earlier time slot in the States. If you haven't watched any Jimmy Fallon, check out their Youtube where they upload clips from each show - well worth it if you need a good laugh.

I'd love to know what has been on your radar during February, or if you love anything similar to me! I discovered some great beauty products and some hilarious TV shows, so Feb was a pretty great month, but let's roll in to March!


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