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Everyone loves free samples right!? Well if you are in NZ you can get your own custom for your skin type set of Neutrogena minis through their Facebook page here to test out. Brands are so smart to do this and the set your receive is very generous, packed with some of Neutrogena's best skincare products. I have used Neutrogena products for years, and they were some of the first one I used when I was younger and starting a skincare routine. I had already used a couple of these samples I was sent, but the other 3 were new to me, so I thought I would give a run down and review of what I thought about each individual one.

It was nicely packaged and came with 4 coupons as well to use at supermarkets and the Warehouse.

My skin type is Oily/Combination, and is pretty normal when it comes to sensitivity. The 5 samples I received were:

Oil-Free Acne Wash
This was one that I hadn't tried before but was really impressed with how well it worked on the skin. These little 14/15ml bottles lasted me about a week so I could really get a good feel with how it worked and felt on the skin. This is a pretty standard face wash and went into a creamy wash when mixed with water on the skin. It didn't feel harsh at all, but really felt like it was cleaning deep into the skin and I was left with little to no traces of makeup after using. It has that typical Neutrogena smell (if you are familiar with their products) and it is hard to pin point exactly what it is, but it is clean and fresh.

Ultrasheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 85+
I don't really get along with sunblocks, but perhaps I just haven't found one that does what I want. All faces one I have tried just feel greasy and sticky and smell bad and just feel yuck on the skin. Now this one wasn't as bad but still not great. It says it has a lightweight feel but I found you needed a lot of it and it just didn't seem to want to blend out or rub into the face easily. I give it props for not having that offensive sunscreen smell to it and it doesn't feel sticky on the skin and with an 85+ SPF, that is pretty great, but I just didn't like how it applied.

Hand Cream
The hand cream is one I have used lots and really love. This little tube lasts forever as you only need the tiniest little dab to fully moisture that hands. It does take a little bit to sink in, but once it has it leaves your hands feeling so soft, I absolutely love it.

Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub
First off, this scrub smells AMAZING! I would probably just buy the full size for that alone, but alone with the great scent the actual scrub works amazing as well. I found my skin just felt so clean after using it and it helped to treat and clear up my skin after a couple of washes due to the salicylic acid in it. It helped to control the oil and didn't feel drying for me, but I think if you had dry skin this could be a bit too much for it.

Deep Clean Gentle Scrub
I am pretty sure I had used this scrub many, many years ago as a teen, but had forgotten about it. As a gentle scrub this is great, it is creamy in texture with small micro exfoliating beads through it, that don't feel harsh on the skin. It definitely helped to great rid of dirt/makeup build up in my pores and made my skin feel clean and fresh. I would definitely think about buying this full sized to use as scrub, probably 2 or 3 days a week to help give my skin a deeper clean.

Along with the 5 samples, they also give you a bunch of coupons to use on various Neutrogena products which is a nice added bonus! Go check it out on Facebook if you want to try some free samples of some great products!


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