QVS | Beauty Tools Haul from My Beauty Store

QVS is a great brand for buying all things beauty tool and accessories related, so when MyBeautyStore had Buy 2, Get 1 free on all QVS it was a great opportunity to replace some much used tools from my cupboard.

001. Curl Wonder Lash Curler // $15.99
I'd had my other eyelash curler for years (and I mean literally years and years) so I thought it was about time to have a bit of an upgrade. My previous silver curler was Manicare brand and it did a great job, but it was getting worn and the little rubber bits were getting a little manky. The Curl Wonder curler is much larger with a flatter and wider curling part which does such a good job and getting all the lashes in and curling them up and out. It helps the curl stay all day and makes any mascara look that much better on the lashes.

002. Conditioning Base Coat // $14.99
As base coats go I get a bit lazy and usually just go full blow with the nail polish on bare nails, but as I should be taking slightly better care of my nails I brought a base coat to help motivate me to do so. This is a very light cream which does give a slight hint on the nails, and is a lightweight formula. It does take a couple of minutes to dry completely before adding colour on top. I did notice that it made my polish last a little longer and stopped any large chipping. This is a must for under dark nail polish colours as it will help to stop any discolouring that can happen.

003. Slant Tip Scissor Tweezers // $9.99
Like my previous eyelash curler situation, I also have had the same tweezers for a few years and they were getting a bit loose and not doing the best job. I love this style of tweezers as I find it so easy to hold and control and the slanted tip means you can really get the pesky hairs in your brows. These are an upgrade on my last pair as they have the rubber on the handles for added comfort.

You can find QVS in Farmers and also pharmacies as well. I like buying from MyBeautyStore as they have free shipping and also have lots of good offers, like spend so much and get a freebie, or in this case, buy 2 get 1 free!


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