REVLON | Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels in Lime Basil + Bordeaux

It is always exciting to see brands experiment with packaging and changing up their look. Revlon nail polishes have been in the same bottle for years and years with hardly any changes, bar a logo update. These newly released Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels, not only smell good but the bottles are adorable! Farmers was having a sale on (as they often do) and they had 2 for $20 on all Revlon polishes, and surprisingly even on these brand new ones. They normally retail for $17.50 - $18.99 each here in NZ.

They has so many colours to chose from, it was a bit overwhelming but I had a thought as to what kind of colours were missing from my nail polish stash. It turns out I have a few mint colours but nothing in this vibrant green. These polishes have a great formula, with the swatch showing 2 coats, and a naturally very glossy finish.

Revlon stepped up their game with these scented polishes, they are all very unique, Lime Basil is very citrus-y and fresh smelling - but be warned, don't smell it straight from the bottle as you have to actually apply it to the nail and let it dry for the scent to really come through. I am surprised at the lasting time on the scent - I brought these 2 weeks ago and the swatches on my nail wheels still smell exactly like they did when I first applied them!

As a complete contrast to Lime Basil I chose this deep wine colour in the shade Bordeaux. As expected it has a red wine scent to it, once on the nails and smells really good. The swatch above shows 2 coats, but I probably could have done with 1 extra to deepen the colour a bit more.

These really raise the bar for other scented nail polishes, Revlon has had scented polishes in their line before but nothing as good (or as long lasting) as these gorgeous Parfumeries. The bottles look great on display and I can't wait to grab a few more scents/shades, next on my hit list; Lavender Soap, Autumn Spice, Italian Leather and Surf Spray.

How do you feel about scented nails? As always, leave me a comment!


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