RIMMEL | Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Out With The Old...

I feel like this powder has become a bit of a cult beauty classic; if you don't have it, you need and if you do have it, well, I'm sure you share the same love for it like me. Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder takes me back to my very early makeup days when I didn't really have any idea what I was doing and I brought this pressed powder. I'm pretty sure I would just wack it on my face without even having put any foundation on before hand; I admit I was pretty clueless. Now days I have a mad appreciation for what a good pressed powder can do to a made up face, whether it be setting foundations [and other bases] or getting rid of unwanted shine during the day, this little compact is a staple in my makeup stash, and hence why as soon as it got low, I instantly repurchased.

When your makeup gets to this very sad looking point, where the lid no longer has any writing on it and you are literally scrapping the bottom of the barrel, you definitely know you love it and have gotten all your moneys worth. As soon as I hit this point I was straight onto ASOS to repurchase a new one. ASOS is the best place to buy it (and also other Rimmel products) as the prices are so, so much cheaper then if your were to purchase it anywhere in NZ. This is around NZD $7.90 here but they are always having sales and you can often get it for around $4-$5.

I always opt for the shade 001 Transparent, as I can just dust it on and don't have to worry about colour matching, but there are 5 other shade options if you like a bit of colour. This pressed powder does a great job at setting foundation and mattifying the face, but doesn't look to powdery or dry. As well as setting the base makeup, it does an excellent job at helping to blend bronzer and blush and for some magic reason, it just helps them glide on and settle more naturally onto the face and helps to diffuse any harsh lines, making blending a breeze.

It also makes a great powder for touch ups during the day, especially for the nose and forehead which I find get the shiniest the fastest. A light dusting of this really eliminates any oil right away. As 5 hour wear goes I think this would definitely be the case for people with drier skin, but for a more oily person (like me) I find around the 4 hours mark I am in the need of a bit more powder action.

I love using a big kabuki for powder, or the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush for getting around the nose and cheeks area. Stay Matte works well with BB Cream, tinted moisturisers and of course, foundations and concealers; it is a step that I never miss out, otherwise I can end up looking like a shiny mess in a matter of hours.

People have their 'holy grail' products and this would probably be mine in the way of pressed powders, it's cheap and does the job perfectly. No shine for me, thank you very much (unless it is an intended highlight on the cheekbones - that is the only shine I will tolerate).

Do you love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder as much as me? Or are there some others that I need to try?


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