TYPO | Stationery + Home Sale Haul

Every time I go into Typo it's safe to say, I always tend to walk out with at least one thing. I am an absolute sucker for stationery and cute homeware type stuff, so when Typo had a big Boxing Day sale (instore and online) I went a little loco on the online shop (easier then battling the herds of people in the mall, that's for sure!) I know this is a much belated post, but I had to share some of these items I got as they were an absolute steal!

Typo always have great sales and each of these items were under AUD $5.00 on sale (bar 1 full priced notebook). A few of these things I couldn't find on the website anymore, but the sale section is worth a scroll through and some of the Typo shops may still have these in their stock.

001. Recipe Folder // AUD $5.00
This was easily one of my most exciting purchases, I think this was reduced down from maybe $20 or $30, so a really good bargain! The folder comes with dividers and little stickers to label them, it is also a really good size and I have filled it with all of my recipes cut out and collected from various magazines. I just used the plastic inserts and some A4 paper and a bit of double sided tape to arrange them all into categories, now I have no excuse to not cook something yummy for dinner each night!

002. Pink Cupcake Measuring Cups // AUD $5.00
Perhaps my second most exciting buy, was these adorable china cupcake measuring cups. As you can see they each stack into the next with a lid like a swirl of icing. I am a cupcake and baking lover so these are a welcome addition into the kitchen.

003. A4 Spinout Notebook in Gold Polka // AUD $6.95
Believe it, or not, this notebook was the most expensive things from the lot! This was brought with uni in mind, as I love these for taking notes in class and have gone through a few during my uni years. I loved this one because of the gold polka dots - gotta look good while you are scribbling away in lectures!

004. Big Ideas Notebook Daily Notes // AUD $3.00
I liked the look of these notebook and the huge spiral thing is so novelty I couldn't resist. It just has a heap of blank pages in it and perfect for sitting on the desk.

005. Specialty Paper Gems in Glitter Pastel // AUD $5.00
Geometric shapes get my nerdy design brain spinning and these glitter pastels ones were just too cute to pass up. They will look cool as a garland, or even as Christmas ornaments, who knows! It will make me feel like I am back in math class when I was 10 making up dodecahedrons and pentagons, putting these together.

006. Small Talk Canvas Letter 'C' // AUD $2.00
Anything with a C on it, I am all for. This is a little canvas with a worn, burlap sack style finish with an old fashioned looking C printed on it, couldn't pass it up at only $2.00!

Stationary + homeware + sales  = a very happy Cass. I am so stoked with these bargains I managed to nab, Typo is a very dangerous shop for me and I need to stay well away from it, or else there may be a similar post coming up verrry soon...


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