AUSTRALIS | Nudist 2.0 Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

This Australis eyeshadow palette was part of a an offer for $25; you got this, a mascara and an eyeliner (similar to NYX The Curve) which was a deal I really couldn't pass up. Australis do some great products and I am a huge fan of their blushes and highlighters, so I had high hopes for these products. I was instantly attracted to the colours in this palette with 8 shadows ranging from light browns to gunmetal grey and navys, covering mattes and shimmers.

The palette is nice and compact and has a decent sized mirror (and of course, your standard sponge applicators, which I always throw out as they are a real pain!) The thing that grabbed me was the range of shades, great for day to night and everything in between. The overall quality is pretty good, not outstanding in any cases (especially as now I have the Naked palettes - I understand REAL pigmentation). The shimmer shades are much more pigmented then the matte ones but the mattes can be built up, and they aren't chalky and do feel soft to touch. As blending goes, the shimmers blend out the best, with the mattes being a little more stubborn but they are all easy enough to work with. A good eye primer would be the way to go with these to help the longevity, but they still hold up for 4-5 hours and longer (depends how oily you get).


The shade ranges starts with an orangey, light terracotta shade which has a shimmer to it, but nothing obvious. The next one is actually a close dupe to Stila Kitten, but doesn't pack as much punch. It is still my favourite one in the bunch, being a shimmery cream, champagne. Next is a matte light brown, which would make a great transition colour as it almost blends right into the skin. The last one in the lights is a shimmery again, light blue/grey. It is very cool toned and it transitions to fit with the next lots of colours - the darks.


As suspected the darker ones tend to be a little more pigmented and obviously show up a lot stronger than the lighter shades. Starting from the top, there is a more amplified version of the last blue/grey. This one is a touch darker, with double the shimmer. Next is a semi-matte navy, which looks amazing with the lighter blues in the palette. Second to last is a matte dark grey/almost black with particles of golden glitter through out. The last shade is quite similar to the above one but is more of a gunmetal grey with golden glitter in it.

The palette is great for natural/neutral eyes, which can then be transformed into a more smokey look. For the price, this palette was well worth it and is an affordable option compared to other neutral palettes on the market. This wasn't on the Australis website but I am sure you can find it around at the actual stands.

Have you tried Australis products? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!


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