BEAUTY JOINT | Haul #002 [Feat. Jordana, E.L.F. + NYC]

I had ran out of a couple of my staple E.L.F. products so hoped onto Beauty Joint and naturally couldn't resist adding a couple extras to my cart. It was all justified - have to make the most out of the shipping cost!

001. E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen // USD $1.99
This is my go to liquid eyeliner and I am all out of it, so another one had to be ordered. I find the felt tip style very easy to apply, and this E.L.F. one is super black and goes on opaque in one swipe. It is waterproof so it really does stay put and at only $2, you just can't go wrong.

002. E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set // USD $3.99
Again, another of my must haves is this setting spray. I have come to the very last sprays of my current bottle, so wanted to order one before I got to the end of my other one as I can't go a makeup day without this. I find it just refreshes my face, helps to set everything down, and corrects any over powdering. It is also nice throughout the day to give a bit more life back to your makeup.

003. Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara in Black // USD $3.59
After hearing/watching Lauren Curtis on YouTube rave about this mascara I had to give it a go. I haven't opened it yet as don't want it to dry out before I get to use it (I have way to many mascaras open at the moment...) but I plan on doing a blog post about it once I actually get round to using it.

004. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny // USD $2.99
Another product I hear mostly American YouTubers rave about is this bronzer by NYC. It is safe to say that this will definitely be in my Most Loved for March - I've only been using it a week but I love it! I find it gives a light, very natural bronze, that can be built up. It is not as dark as a lot of my other bronzers, so it will be good for the colder months when I'll be a lot more paler.

I also got the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette, which I have been wanting for ages, but that will be coming in a whole separate post (spoiler: it is seriously amazing!). Beauty Joint calculate their shipping by weight, so for the 5 items I ordered shipping was USD $11.17 and it arrived in NZ in just over a week. I used the code LETSTALK for 5% off - not much but still better than nothing!

Have you ordered from Beauty Joint before? Are there any must have items on there I should add to my cart in the next order?


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