BEAUTY REVIEW | Quarterly Product Sale Haul + Review

Beauty Review is a fantastic website for us beauty loving girls in New Zealand. It is a place to write reviews, find new products and read other peoples thoughts with forums for discussing all things beauty and also the chance to actually get sent products to trial and review. I joined Beauty Review in August and I am currently at Beauty Expert status; you go through the ranks [Apprentice, Explorer, Expert + Hero] collecting points from writing reviews, comments and posting in the forum. A month or so ago they opened up the vaults and had a product sale on quite a few items that were obviously left overs from previous trial send outs. They had quite a few products but only a handful of each so it was a first in, first served basis. I managed to nab only 2 products, but this added up to $70, as I had 700 beauty points, so really an amazing deal to basically get these for free!

001. Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil (with Organic White Tea + Tonka Bean) // RRP $54.99
There was only a few of these available to get so I nabbed one quick fast as at $50, I thought this has gotta be good. I have been loving using my Rosehip Oil so was looking for some other facial oils to try. Linden Leaves is a New Zealand brand, started in Christchurch and they do very high quality skincare and bath items, a lot are hand made and they use natural botanical ingredients. I have been loving this oil and use it at least a couple of times a week when my skin is just not feeling its best. It sinks into the skin very quickly and doesn't feel too heavy or oily on the skin. Sometimes I also add a drop or two of the Triology Rosehip Oil for some added nourishment (even though this Linden Leaves oil has rosehip in it). 

Using the Linden Leaves website I found some information about the ingredients that the Miraculous Facial Oil contains because many of them I had never actually heard of! [Quoting from the site] Organic White Tea protects and aids skin regeneration, Tonka Bean softens and brightens the skin and Evening Primrose oil has effective healing properties. This oil can be used for all skin types and it leaves my skin feeling nourished ans soft and with continued use will really help to improve the overall appearance.

002. AVON True Color Eyeshadow Duo in Grey Matters // RRP $24.99
There wasn't a lot left in the Beauty Vault sale but there was one of these and I had some extra points so added it to my bag, because, well why not! The initially thought this colour combo was a little strange but once together they look nice, with the grey all over the lid and the pink as a bit of a highlight in the inner corner. The pigmentation is good, but not amazing (nothing on Urban Decay) but they blend nicely and the compact is a nice size with a secure closure.

The Beauty Review Beauty Vault will open up quarterly, so if you are an NZ beauty lover then try out the site, write some reviews and rack up the points so you can spend them in the next sale!


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