CLINIQUE | Whole Lotta Candy Chubby Sticks Trio

Clinique were one of the first to coin the term Chubby Sticks and develop these large lip balm/lip stick hybrids. Many other makeup brands followed suit, with these jumbo crayon type lip products becoming apart of many new releases, offering their own take on this lip trend. The Whole Lotta Candy set came out around Christmas time and contains 3 mini versions of colours from the standard Moisturising Lip Colour Balm range. It covers all bases; a purple, pink and an orangey/red.

These adorable candy coloured Chubby Sticks provide sheer colour on the lips and are extremely moisturising. They leave a slight shine, they aren't at all sticky and feel extremely comfortable on the lips.

001. Two Ton Tomato 11
This is almost a coral tone on the lips, so don't be fooled by the opaque colour in the stick. I find this great for everyday wear and gives that subtle red colour without being too much. It is also low maintenance and no need to be checking the teeth for traces of red; with these its swipe and go.

002. Voluptuous Violet 16
Voluptuous Violet (don't use just love the names!) gives a sheer wash of purple to the lips, this is my second favourite of the mini collection.

003. Pudgy Peony 15
My favourite from the trio (really, no surprises there) is this sheer hot pink. I find this gives the most colour payoff from the 3 and would suit pretty much everyone!

As you can see in the swatches they are very sheer, so don't go expecting for opaque colour - you're going to be disappointed. If you like a slight hint of colour whilst also moisturising the lips, then these are made for you! I find they last a fair while but they are so quick and easy to reapply that it doesn't matter. They twist up from the bottom, so no need to fuss with sharpening or anything like that.

I absolutely love these Chubby Sticks and the trend that it started in the world of jumbo lip crayons/balms/pencils or whatever you want to call them! The Whole Lotta Candy set retails on the US Clinique website for USD $25.00, with the full sized ones being USD $17 each and in Australia are AUD $35.00 each. Unfortunately I don't know the prices in NZD as this set was given to me as a gift.

Have you tried these Chubby Sticks or delved into the jumbo lip product trends? 


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