March has again just flown right by, in which it consisted of; uni, work, blogging, uni, work, blogging [and a little bit of shopping, of course!] So here are the snaps I shared during the month of March.

001. A happy sleeping big bubba cat // 002. At my favourite restaurant, Mexicanos

003. Farmers had far too many good sales on (also feat. a couple of new Jordana products I got during that shopping excursion) // 004. A blogging mess // 005. Set up my new storage from GrabOne - it perfectly fits my go-to everyday makeup 

006. Clean brushes are a beautiful site // 007. Cupcake baking - blueberry + white chocolate // 008. Inside-Out Cupcake

009. Surprise, Surprise, I went to Mexicanos again // 010. The amazing interior of The Tannery (see full post about it here) // 011. My new perfume from NZ Sale arrived - Juicy Couture La Fleur

012. American Apparel Neon Violet + Orly Be Brave on the nails (coming to the blog soon... slightly behind on the NOTD posts) // 013. Another typical Akaroa shot // 014. The new Kmart range of nails + lipsticks, only $4 each!

015. Easter came early // 016. A beautiful combo, China Glaze It's A Trap-eze + Essie Bikini So Teeny // 017. A $1600 quartz crystal

018. What a view // 019. New Maybelline Lippies - Buy 1 Get 1 Free, yes please! // 020. MUSOC did The Producers, + they did it well!

021. I found the perfect print from Oliver Gal (via. NZ Sale) - Translates to "Do You Want To Blog With Me Tonight?" // 022. Waffle time // 023. Louis's new head piece

024. Lots of blogging to be done // 025. Max the Burrito // 026. Coffee + Pain au chocolat by the harbour

If you want to keep up with my Instagramming then follow me @cassandramyee. I am so excited for April as it is my birthday on the 2nd, YAY (and I may have something super exciting coming from MAC!)


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