LE TAN | Fast Tan Instant Le Tan in Le Can in Deep Bronze Review

When it comes to fake tan, I am a bit of a novice. I've mostly used the moisturisers that build up a tan over time, or used a one night wash off type product for special occasions. I just felt like it was so much of an effort and that it would be messy etc etc, but lately I have been wanting that nice tanned look so have been trying out a few self tanners. I have spoken about Beauty Review before (read about it here if you'd like) and this was the first product I managed to get on a trial team for to test and then review on the site. I was so excited when I got the email saying I had been selected, and nabbed the spot as quick as I can (you have to be pretty quick on the site to ensure you actually get a place!). I am going to simply copy the review I wrote for it on the Beauty Review site to my blog to share with you all as it sums my thoughts up perfectly (but I have also included a little more as well).

At first it was a little daunting to say the least, it is like an aerosol, spray paint can and I wasn't sure how it would work out. Application was pretty easy, it is in can with a spray tip, that you can use at any angle which was great for hard to reach places like my back, back of the legs etc. Once I sprayed on a layer I used a tanning mitt to help evenly spread it, just in case I had missed any parts. I loved this because you could see the tan instantly on the skin and it only just got darker and more bronzed looking throughout the day.

It didn't take long at all before it was dry, I left it for 10 minutes and then it was fine to put clothes on. It was very moisturising and left no streaks or weird lines that can sometimes occur with fake tan products. It lasted around 4 days, and gradually faded very evenly over those 4 days. The only downside was that it did have that fake tan smell a few hours after application, which I know can bother some people, but it was nothing offensive and that smell went away after showering the next day.

I would definitely advise putting a towel down before using it as the spray does kind of go everywhere (especially on the first time I used it). Cover up any surfaces near by that you don't want to get a fine layer of tan over and make sure the area is well ventilated (a bathroom with an open window will do the trick!)

I used this Model Co. tanning mitt (that I already owned) for this product and it worked really well at making sure the tan was even. Obviously with any tanning products it is best to thoroughly exfoliate the skin, I love using those Michael Jackson looking white gloves (super inexpensive, I think they are the Manicare brand) in the shower to scrub down my body, focusing on elbows, knees and ankles as this is where I am most prone to the gathering of unwanted tanning product that clings to the dry patches.

Although I don't think it is the cleanest tanning product to use, once you get used to the spray nozzle it does become really easy to use. The colour is extremely natural looking and develops into a gorgeous deep bronze without any orangeness happening. You can get Le Tan products at most pharmacies and also online at MyBeautyStore where it retails for NZD $22.99.

What's your go to tanning product? Ever tried a spray can like this?!


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